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Inspired by the famous people thread in the forum, add your link to a profile page of celebrities here by their Nationality. To qualify as a celebrity in this list, at least the "about" and "timeline" should be publicly viewable of deceased Geni profiles and there should be an article in wikipedia about the person.

Also see the Popular Profiles list of the most viewed profiles on Geni.

The celebrities are organized into following celebrity subcategories:

Category Examples
Academia & Science Philosophers, Lecturer, Nobel price takers, inventors,
Art & Entertainment Writers, Actors, Directors, Musicians, Composers, Painters, Scultpors,
Business Entrepreneurs, company founders,
Politics Royals, Nobility, Military persons, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Freedom fighters,
Sport & Explorers Golfers, Chess players,



Art & Entertainment

  • Jerry Bruckheimer (1945-), Art & Entertainment. Movie & TV Producer. Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, Beverly Hills Cop, CSI, Cold Case, Amazing Race (Wikipedia: Jerry Bruckheimer)
  • Julia Child (1912-2004), Art & Entertainment. American chef, author and television personality, who introduced French cuisine and cooking techniques to the American mainstream (Wikipedia: Julia Child)
  • Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), Art & Entertainment. Singer-Actress and Model. Known as "The Blonde Bombshell", one of Hollywood's most popular and glamorous performers. (Wikipedia: Marilyn Monroe)
  • Shirley Temple (1928-), Art & Entertainment. Academy Award-winning actress and tap dancer, most famous for being an iconic American child actress of the 1930s (Wikipedia: Shirley Temple)
  • General Tom Thumb (1838-1883), Art & Entertainment. Midget who achieved great fame under circus pioneer P.T. Barnum (Wikipedia: General Tom Thumb)
  • Mark Twain (1835-1910), Art & Entertainment. American humorist, satirist, lecturer and writer - wrote Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Wikipedia: Mark Twain)
  • Orson Welles (1915-1985), Art & Entertainment. Film director, writer, actor and producer; worked extensively in film, theatre, television, and radio. Best known for his radio adaption of H.G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds and the RKO motion picture Citizen Kane. (Wikipedia: Orson Welles)













  • Rafael Ramiro (), Royal & Military. He was the senior lieutenant during the oath of the Mexican Independence in the Plan de Iguala. (Wikipedia: Rafael Ramiro)
  • Vicente Fox (), Royal & Military. is a Mexican politician who served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. (Wikipedia: Vicente Fox)


  • Charlemagne (747 – 814), Royal & Military. aka Charles the Great or Carolus Magnus; King of the Franks from 768 to his death (Wikipedia: Charlemagne)


Academia & Science

Art & Entertainment



Art & Entertainment


Academia & Science

Art & Entertainment


Academia & Science

  • Ivar Aasen (1813 - 1896), Linguistics. Linguist, Norwegian philologist, lexicographer, playwright and poet. (Wikipedia: Ivar Aasen)

Arts 1500 - 1900

Arts & Entertainment, 1900 -

Politics & History

  • Max Manus (1914 - 1996), History. Important member of the Norwegian Resistance during WWII. (Wikipedia: Max Manus)

Sports & Explorers


Art & Entertainment

  • Jane Austen (1775 - 1817), Art & Entertainment. English novelist whose realism, biting social commentary and masterful use of free indirect speech, burlesque and irony have earned her a place as one of the most widely read and most beloved writers in English literature. (Wikipedia: Jane Austen)
  • Charles Dickens (1775 - 1817), Art & Entertainment. English novelist. One of the most popular writers of all time. (Wikipedia: Charles Dickens)




  • Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948), Politics. A major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement. (Wikipedia: Mahatma Gandhi)


South Africa

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