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English Origin

The Norman surname is ultimately derived from the Scandinavian word "noromenn," meaning "men from the north." It came to Britain with pre-Conquest Scandianavian settlers, and became a personal name among the Saxons. This name also came to Britain following the Norman Conquest; in this instance, it was most likely a name for someone from the town of Normanville in the French province of Normandy.

First found in Suffolk, where a record from the Abbey of Bury St.[1]

Scottish Origin

First found in Argyllshire where they were granted lands by King David of Scotland.[2]

Motto Translated

Aid from above.

German Origin

First found in Hamburg, where the name contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation which would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area.[3]

Spelling Variations

Norman, Normanby, Normanville, Normand, van Norman, van Normann, Normann,


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