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Family News is your new way to keep up with your family and all of their activity on Geni. Family News displays all the recent activity in your Family group – new birthdays, photos, events, comments, discussions, changes to your tree, and more. You can also share your latest news with your family by quickly posting an update. Your settings control which of your Recent Activity appears in Family News.

There are a number of helpful modules on the home tab including:


  • merge issues: The number of pending profiles merges, parent conflicts and potential partner conflicts for everyone in your Family Group and the profiles you manage. This link takes you to a list of these merge issues where you can resolve them.

Recently Online

This module shows you which users in your Family Group on your Tree have recently logged into Geni or Joined the Geni network. New Tree members will appear in that list for 2 weeks from their join date on the Tree.

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