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Your Profile consists of information about yourself that you want to share with other family members. When you join Geni, a profile is automatically created for you. To view your profile, click the "My Profile" tab.

Immediate Family Text section displays the following information:

  • Nicknames
  • Location
  • Birth (date and location)
  • Death (date and location)
  • Immediate Family
  • Occupation
  • Email

User History is displayed to the right of this section and will display the following:

  • Last date the profile was updated
  • Last login by this profile
  • Date joined
  • Who added this profile to the family tree

Left Column of the profile page contains the following information:

About Me

  • Open space to display a block of text. This section can be used to tell a little bit about yourself or the profile you are creating, or add pertinent information that may not have an appropriately defined place.

Photos section will display thumbnails of the following:

Immediate Family Box will display thumbnails of the profiles considered your Immediate Family

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