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Your Profile consists of information about yourself that you want to share with other family members. When you join Geni, a profile is automatically created for you. To view your profile, click the "My Profile" tab.

Immediate Family Text section displays the following information:

  • Nicknames
  • Location
  • Birth (date and location)
  • Death (date and location)
  • Immediate Family
  • Occupation
  • Email

User History is displayed to the right of this section and will display the following:

  • Last date the profile was updated
  • Last login by this profile
  • Date joined
  • Who added this profile to the family tree

Left Column of the profile page contains the following information:

About Me

  • Open space to display a block of text. This section can be used to tell a little bit about yourself or the profile you are creating, or add pertinent information that may not have an appropriately defined place.

Photos section will display thumbnails of the following, based on which tab you have selected:

Immediate Family Box will display thumbnails of the profiles considered your Immediate Family

The Family Friends box is tabbed behind the Immediate Family, and when selected will display thumbnails of 12 of your invited Family Friends.

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