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This is a Merge Project page started in September 2010 by Yaqub Muslim.

The Prophet Muhammad is a central figure in the lives of all Muslims, and his nearest relatives are also regarded with very high esteem. The early dynasties that ruled the Caliphate gained recognition through their connections to the Family of the Prophet (or Ahl al-Bayt) and many Arabs today claim to be able to trace their genealogies back to the Prophet.

Central Profiles

Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him)

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

This project is primarily focused on the immediate family of the Prophet, but extends to his descendants as far as his great-grandchildren. Ideally, the upwards line of ancestors should be cleaned up and connected to the Biblical Tree Merge project through Ishmael.

Project Members

Yaqub Muslim

Family Group Permissions

Naming Conventions

  • Use a nasab (patronymic) of ONE generation (e.g. "ibn Muhammad", "bint Khuwaylid") as Last Name.
  • Leave Middle Name BLANK (for one exception see below).
  • If a person is better known by their kunya or another name besides their ism (e.g. "Abu Bakr", "Abd al-Muttalib") use this as their First Name. The ism can be added as a Middle Name in parenthesis (e.g. "(Shaiba)").
  • Avoid adding "radhiallahu anhu/anha" to sahaba's names - this makes everything look really messy. A simple "r.a." under Suffix is acceptable and looks a lot neater.
  • Use Display Name when a person is better known by an honorific surname than their nasab (e.g. "Khadijah al-Kubra", "Fatimah az-Zahra")


List of duplicate copies

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