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There is not currently a mobile edition of Geni, this page is for discussions about what features would be required in a mobile version based on the forum post[1]

Wap (WML or XHTML)


Suggestions are currently, or using and sniffing the user agent and serving a relevant content.


It is my belief the the mobile version of the site should be more orientated towards the data and less towards the graphical display of the tree. --NosDa 04:36, 22 August 2007 (PDT)


Many people would welcome the ability to upload images to their tree from their mobile phone.


The main feature of an iPhone edition would be the ability for people to move around a graphical tree with their finger.


SMS Alerts

Some people have stated that they would like to be able to receive a SMS when certain actions take place with their tree or profile. These notifications should contain a link to the relevant change.

SMS Messaging

Some people would like a system where by they could send a SMS to other people in their tree via a Geni short code similar to twitter. This would be useful if it meant people could get messages from other people in their tree without having to give out their mobile number.

MMS Image Uploading

Many people would welcome the ability to upload images to their tree from their mobile phone.

Localization Issues

  • If short codes are used for the SMS/MMS then it will restrict the use of those features to people within one country.
  • Not all countries have access to the latest technologies like the iPhone, and GPRS.
  • Mobile internet usage is billed differently in different place, some people have to pay per minuet for their connection, others pay by the bandwidth they use.

Ultimate Mobile Edition

There has been some discussion on creating a desktop program that links to the information on Geni and allows for it to be edited whist off-line and to synk the data when it changes. The ability to view the data whilst off line would be more useful on a mobile device where the cost of being connected is so high. coupled with the alerts it would be possible (maybe) to let the program know when data had been changed on the Geni server so it could download the changes. Or even better if the changes could be sent by SMS so no connection is needed.

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