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Welcome to the initial merge collaboration Wiki page. This page is the "entry point" and list of all present merge projects. Feel free to edit and add as needed.

It is suggested that we create a separate page for each merge "project", With time the number of such projects will grow (until we finish them all), and each project may get complicated and messy. So keeping them separate will make life easier.

Project Page Format

Each project page should contain at least two lists:

Central Profiles

Profiles that are central to the project (the start of a royal line for instance), and various important points within it, to make getting around that part of the tree easier. It would be most useful, of course, to include a list of duplicate copies of the starting profiles. Also, including each person's birth and death years, will make finding finding duplicates easier, that much easier.

Project "Members"

Names and links to the profiles of people that are either actively working on this project or have knowledge of this part of the tree. Optionally, also add links to the Managers of the present "base copy" of these areas, so that acquiring Family Group Permissions will be easier.


A brief description of what is being done, or what individual members are presently working on, so that others avoid collisions.

Current Merge Projects

In chronological order:

Biblical Tree Merge

Kings of Ancient Troy

Kings of Ancient Ireland

Anglo Saxon Kings

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