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"MELMED" is my surname [Mark H. Melmed].

Melmed is a spelling and pronunciation variation of the surname "Melamed", which is the Hebrew word "teacher", especially an elementary teacher.

Our Melmeds trace our roots back to Lithuania. We are Jewish, we believe Ashkanazi Jewish. Our ancestor, Solomon Melamed, was born in Lithuania, about 1837. His children were all born in Panevezys, Lithuania, between 1864 and 1884. Our oral history traces us back to the towns of Panevezys, Pasvalys, Birzai, and Pusalotas, all in the district of Panevezys and the province of Kovno in Lithuania (part of the Russian Empire prior to WW1).

Panevezys is 55 degrees, 44 minutes North, and 24 degrees 21 minutes East, and 132 km NNW of Vilnius (according to

Solomon Melamed died in Panevezys in 1888. His wife, Freida Melamed nee Edelman, was born in Lithuania in 1840, and died in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1912.

Solomon Melamed probably had at least seven siblings. Some names known are: Izrael, Hinda, Rivel, and Abram. Their father's name was probably Yankel Melamed.

A Y-DNA test was done on Mark H.Melmed in the summer of 2008 (up to 67 markers as of October, 2009). The Melmeds are part of the J-M92, J2A2A Haplogroup (although these designations change often). Several other men/families share the same markers within a reasonable genetic distance (GD). The Hawks-Ladds family has a distance of 0 with 67 markers, and four other families (Freeman, Cohen, Witkin and Russikoff) have a GD of 2 with 67 markers. The Cohen, Nadel, Lapedus and Solovy families each of an exact match with 37 markers.


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