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Matches allow you to search for and find duplicate profiles Connected to your Tree. These matches include all similar profiles that share first and last name, date of birth and death (if applicable) as well as gender. We also search for dates within +/- 4 years (circa). Matches are pulled from all profiles Connected to you with the exception of minors. Note that all the data, first and last names, birth and death dates as well as gender must match for a result to be returned.

You may search for and find the results of your matches from the profile page just above the recent activity or from the Tree and 'More' menu by selecting 'Search for Duplicates.' From the Profile page, if there are matches, those matches will automatically be found and saved on that profile. Select the link from the profile page to see the full list of matches.

Tree Matches

When you add a new profile to your tree an icon will appear indicating how many profiles share the name, gender, year of birth, and year of death (if applicable) of the profile you’ve added. Pro users can view a list of the matches to confirm that they are duplicates and request to collaborate with the manager of the duplicate profiles. Matches in the Tree will look like the image below:


We also include matches to the already existing profiles in your Tree. The magnifying glass includes a number which represents the number of 'Similar Profiles' that were found that match the profile in your Tree. Pro users may click on the icon to receive a list of these matches and work to Collaborate with the other Profile managers in that list to merge and eliminate duplicates.

To turn off Tree Matches you may select 'Preferences' at the bottom of the Tree page and check 'Hide Profile Matches.'


Use Matches to coordinate and collaborate with other Geni users to Merge Trees and Profiles. If you find duplicate profiles in your Tree using Matches you may wish to first contact the profile owner or manager to let them know you too have a duplicate profile for the same person.

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