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The Map page uses the Google Maps API to display a map of the world, marked with various locations relevant to your family. It currently displays home addresses of living relatives (as well as inlaws and family friends), and the burial sites of deceased relatives. Location entry fields now take full advantage of the Google Maps API to find the exact location you are trying to enter. Just start typing the name of a location and we’ll suggest matches as you type. You may also check it against the mini-map to verify the location.

The map will only show you the location of family members in your Family group, as well as Family Friends.

If several individuals live in the same city, a single marker will be placed on the map for that city.

When a marker is clicked, it displays names and photos of the people at that location. Clicking a name takes you to that person's profile.

Mapped by

You can select whether you want to view your family's current location or place of birth on the map.

For a deceased person, the 'current location' will display their 'Place of Burial'.

Who is on the map

The Map can display the location of your Family and Friends. To add someone to your Map, make sure they have a location entered and invite them to your Family group from their profile.

You can filter what is displayed on your Map (for example, you may wish to view only your blood relatives and not your inlaws).

The choices are:

  • You
  • Living Relatives
  • Deceased Relatives
  • Inlaws
  • Friends

Adding people to the map

Below the map you will see a list of 12 family members you can add to the map. When you add a family member, a new one will take their place in this list (assuming there are 12 people you can add).

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