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I am only asking you to delete my profile from your webspace ([#LOS-713476]). Please delete my profile from Geni.


I have just got the following e-mail. There is no one connected to my profile. I have send you the mail from the email addred. Ok, I wil try again.

Dear xxx,

Thank you for contacting Geni. You may wish to login to your Geni account and delete any of the information you would like removed from the site, including your immediate family members. To delete someone from your family tree click the small �x� in the upper right hand corner of their box. If you have the 'flip node' preference enabled you will need to flip the node and click 'remove this person'. Because building a family tree is a collaborative process, there are three cases where you will not be able to remove a person:

1. That person has joined Geni and "claimed" their profile. If this is the case, that claimed user must email us directly with a request for removal. 2. That person has other relatives attached to him or her, who would otherwise be disconnected from the tree.

Once you have removed the information you do not want on the tree, simply send a new email to directly from the email address associated with the account you would like to have removed, and we will take care of this for you.

Thank you for using Geni,

Leann The Geni Team

For more help please visit:

The Geni Forum - The Geni FAQ - The Geni Wiki -

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