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Hulp vragen kunt u (alleen als u Geni gebruiker bent) [https://www.geni.com/discussions/96982 hier].
Hulp vragen kunt u (alleen als u Geni gebruiker bent) [https://www.geni.com/discussions/96982 hier].
'''''My Heritage organiseert in september in Nederland [https://www.geni.com/projects/Nederlandse-deelneming-MH-GENI-event-2019-Hilton-Amsterdam/56114 een congres] waar ook Geni informatie wordt gegegeven.'''''
'''''My Heritage heeft in september 2019 in Nederland [https://www.geni.com/projects/Nederlandse-deelneming-MH-GENI-event-2019-Hilton-Amsterdam/56114 een congres] georganiseerd, waar ook Geni informatie gegeven is.'''''

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Welcome to the Geni Wiki

Welcome to Geni's Wiki. It is NOT nearly as active as it used to be, and Geni HAS provided better tools for most of what the Wiki was used for. These tools are better integrated in the actual Geni website.
  • Create a Surname page, if you want to write-up a specific Family-Name.
  • Create a Project if you want to write about a specific historical topic, or a group of people. First check out the list of existing projects. There are many of them on practically any topic. The following page explains in greater detail what a Geni Projects are.

The links to these two options can be found at the top of any page on the Geni site, under Research.

If after considering the above, you still want to edit this Wiki, welcome aboard. It's relatively easy. You will need to do the following:

  1. You will need a Wiki account. Please send a message to Wiki Admin, Shmuel-Aharon Kam, and he'll create one for you ASAP.
  2. Please read the Geni Wiki User's Guide for basic instructions.

Nederlandstalige gebruikers maken wij attent op:

Voor degene die een GEDCOM willen importeren zie s.v.p. GEDCOM importeren Hulp vragen kunt u (alleen als u Geni gebruiker bent) hier.

My Heritage heeft in september 2019 in Nederland een congres georganiseerd, waar ook Geni informatie gegeven is.

Pages of interest

User documentation

Home | Tree | Relatives | Photos | Inbox | Profile | More

For a quick-start guide to Geni.com, see https://www.geni.com/demo

Get involved

Community tools outside of the wiki:

Also, feel free to list your suggestions here on the wiki:

  • Suggestions - The place to suggest a feature is in the forums, but here we can track commonly requested suggestions
  • Community portal - Come here to discuss the process of bringing the Wiki from Beta to "Release". This section will be removed, or set to administrative review only, once the Wiki is released.
  • Localization - Help us spread Geni in your community, and tell us about specific needs (like translation and localization) for your community, country or religion in this section.

New to Wikis?

The Geni Wiki is a database of topics, guides, advice, and all other information related to Geni, created not only by the Geni Team, but also the users. Any Geni user can edit text on this Wiki.

A Cheatsheet is aimed at newbies to help them learn the basic formatting rules. Consult the User's Guide for general information on using the wiki software.

Consult the Geni Wiki User's Guide for specific Geni Wiki information.

About Geni

About Geni


Genealogy is the study and tracing of family pedigrees. This involves the collection of the names of relatives, both living and deceased, and establishing the relationships among them based on primary, secondary and/or circumstantial evidence or documentation, thus building up a cohesive family tree. Genealogy is often also referred to as family history, although these terms may be used distinctly: the former being the basic study of who is related to whom; the latter involving more "fleshing out" of the lives and personal histories of the individuals involved.
  • Genealogy 101 - Tips to help you get started with researching and sharing your genealogy on Geni.
  • GEDCOM - A common format for storing family trees offline.
  • List of Surnames - A list of surnames of Wiki users of Geni. Add yours to the list if you are looking for relatives!
  • Resources - Where to find lost relatives and research your family history?
  • Software - List of Software to manage your GEDCOM files
  • Terminology - A list of common terms related to genealogy
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