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Maharashtra is a western state of India.

Naming Conventions

In Maharashtra most of the communities have a very standardized naming convention

For males and unmarried females [Given Name] [Father's Name] [Cast Name]

For married females [Given Name] [husband's Name] [husband's Cast Name]

There are instances where females are given new given names after marriage.

Names of the relations

We know that uncle is father's/mother's brother or father's/mother's sister's husband. (4 different relations has same name)

But in most of the India each of these different relation has it's unique name.

For example in many Maharashtrian communities father's brother is kaka mother's brother is mama father's sister's husband is fuva mother's sister's husband is masa

same thing is true for other relations like autie also. kaki, mami, fai, masi respectively.

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