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* [[France]]
* [[France]]
* [[England]]
* [[England]]
* [[Ireland]]
Middle East:
Middle East:

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Localization is the adaptation of language, content and design to reflect local cultural sensitivities.

Geni's current plans for localization include:

  • Complete Translation to other languages. Hopefully, this will be done soon, and with the help of the community.
  • Localized Date formats.
  • Additional fields that may be of particular interest to certain cultures.
  • The option to add multiple names. For example, one in Chinese and one in English.

Please help us reach your community by creating articles about your culture, religion or country, and special features that may be relevant to it.

Countries and Languages

Feel free to add your own country or culture if you feel it requires any special consideration from Geni, or if you have any genealogy-related information about it. Countries that are very similar for our purposes (like Russia and Belarus) should be combined into a single article, whereas countries that have several distinct cultures in them may require several locales and therefore several pages here.

North America:

South America:

Eastern Europe:

Western Europe:

Middle East:


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