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This page is for coordinating merges of Skandinavian kings from around 300-700, focusing mostly on the sequence of Danish kings.

Real source information is very scarce, so it is mostly a matter of piecing together the most likely tree based on what is found in sagas and in a few scattered mentions from contemporary historians in other parts of europe. There are Danish historians like Saxo who, much later, claimed to know the sequence of kings, but that isn't necessarily better information than the sagas. But there are many details that these various sources don't agree on, so choices need to be made.


Approximately from King Skjold, born around 237 to Harald Hildetand, c.700-770

Central Profiles

Swedish Branches

There's of course a good deal of cross-over between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian lines. For example:

Branches leading other interesting places

Problem Areas

  • Vermund the Wise ancestry, Traditional Danish king list, Goths, Odin's grandson? I prefer the version where he descends from the Goths, but marries a daughter of the previous Danish king, and his daughter Olöf marries King Dan I and continues the blood line of Danish kings. There's a lot of confusion about names and genders there, and all of it is controversial in the first place.
  • King Dan There are several Dans, at different times. Hard to say which one was the first. And several other people with confusing names starting with "Dan" as well.
  • Helge and Yrsa. The official legend is clear, but when people don't know it, they've often gotten confused. Helge was a man, married Olof the Mighty, who was a woman. They had the daughter Yrsa. Olof tricked Helge and Yrsa into becoming incestruous lovers, and they had the son Rolf Krake.

Project Members

Coordinator: Flemming Funch. I seem to be the manager of most of the profiles and have merging rights for most people who have added profiles around there.


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