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This page is about the country of South Korea specifically, and the Korean people in general.


Korean is the most popular language in Korea Peninsula, Korean diaspora in abroad, especially north eastern China. If you want to know in detail, refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_language.

Internet availability

High-speed Internet is very common in Korea.

Other things to consider

- Address format is as follows: Korea is very different with western style address format. It's opposite method to write them from country name to detail address. For example, there is an order: (Country name) Province(State) City, Street number <CR>Receptor Name <CR> Postal Number

- Korea is on KST time zone. For convenience, it is often designated as GMT+9

Interest in genealogy

Very high. You can refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_name

Date Format

  • Year, Month, Day (YYYY년 MM월 DD일)
  • Days of the week, starting on Sunday :

일요일, 월요일, 화요일, 수요일, 목요일, 금요일, 토요일

  • Month of the year, starting in january :

1월, 2월, 3월, 4월, 5월, 6월, 7월, 8월, 9월, 10월, 11월, 12월

Geni Translation

Everyone's related 함께 연결하는

Geni headers

Welcome 환연합니다
Logout 로그아웃
Settings 설정
Invite 초대
Help 도움말
search name or email 이름 및 이메일 검색
go 확인

Geni footers

About 소개
Privacy 개인 정보 보호
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Geni Tabs Headers

My tree 나의 가계도
My Profile 나의 프로필
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Inbox 편지함

Geni SubTabs Headers

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Edit Profile

Basics 기본
My Basics 기본 정보
Status 상태
Living 생존
Deceased 사망
Name 이름
First Name
Middle Name There is no Korean style
Last Name 명(이름)
Suffix Suffixe
Display name Nom affiché
Email E-mail
Current location Adresse actuelle
Gender Genre
male Homme
female Femme
date of birth Date de naissance
circa approx.
Send Birthday Reminders to my family Envoyer des rappels d'anniversaires à ma famille
place of birth Lieu de naissance
birth order Ordre de naissance
Death Décès
Burial Enterrement
Partner Conjoint(e)
is a est un(e)
current spouse conjoint(e)
fiance fiancé(e)
current partner concubin(e)
late spouse conjoint(e) décédé(e)
Ex-spouse Ex-conjoint(e)
divorced divorcé(e)
Ex-partner Ex-concubin(e)
Married on Marié(e) le
Married in Marié(e) à
Parents Parents
date date
location lieu
Country Pays
city ville
state/province état/province
county comté

Contact Contact
My Contact Mon contact
On the web Sur internet
Phone Numbers Numéros de téléphone
Home Address Adresse personnelle
Work Address Adresse professionnelle
Add another Ajouter un autre

About À propos
About me À propos de moi
Hair Cheveux
Eyes Yeux
Height Taille
Ethnicity Ethnicité
Religion Religion
Political Views Idées politiques
Languages Langues
Nicknames Surnoms

Schools Études
My Schools Mes études
College/University Université
Elementary School École primaire
Graduate Education École supérieure
High School Lycée
Middle School Collège

Work Travail
Occupation Poste occupé
company Entreprise
Start Year Année de début
End Year Année de fin

Favorites Favoris
Interests Centres d'intérêt
Activities Activités
People/Heroes Personnalités/Héros
Cuisines Cuisines
Quotes Citations
Movies Films
TV Shows Émissions TV
Music Musique
Books Livres
Sports Sports

Contact Contact
On the web Sur le web
service service
username pseudonyme
web address adresse internet
Phone Numbers Numéros de téléphone
area code Indicatif du pays
phone no Numéro de téléphone
Home Address Adresse personnelle
Work Address Adresse professionnelle
street rue
city ville
county comté
state état
postal code code postal

Save & Close Enregistrer et fermer
Save & Continue Enregistrer et continuer
Cancel Annuler


Brother Frère
Brother-in-law Beau-frère
Sister Sœur
Sister-in-law Belle-sœur
Mother Mère
Mother-in-law Belle-mère
Father Père
Father-in-law Beau-père
Son Fils
Daughter Fille
Son-in-law Gendre
Daughter-in-law Bru
Uncle Oncle
Aunt Tante
Niece Nièce
Nephew Neveu
Grandmother Grand-mère
Grandfather Grand-père
Grandson Petit-fils
Granddaughter Petite-fille
Great grandson Arrière-petit-fils
Great granddaughter Arrière-petite-fille
First Cousin Cousin(e)
Wife Femme
Husband Mari
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