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This is a Merge Project page.

Many Irish families can trace their lineage back to a particular sept of Irish High Kings, through surname if not generation by generation. The English invasions led to the destruction of specifics to prevent the persecution of Catholics, so generally only surname info is available prior to the 1800s.

Given the destruction of records, it may be impossible to find documented ancestors linking us back to the early High Kings.

Important Note: There are different, sometimes conflicting, sources for the genealogies of the High Kings. See individual profiles for more information. Please respect the work other people have put in, and do NOT remove things without ample discussion.

Central Profiles

  • Érimón (aka Eochaidh the Heremon, Eremon, Éremón, Héremón, Éireamhón) +Tamar-Telphi (aka Tea-Tephi, Tea)
  • Íriel Fáid ("the prophet", aka Iarel Faith, Irial Fáid, Iriel Fáith)
  • Ethriel (aka Ethrel)
  • Follach
  • Duach Laidrach (aka Dui Ladrach)
  • Ugaine Mor
  • Cobthach Coelbreg
  • Oengus Tuirmech
  • Enna Aignech
  • Finn (aka Find) +Be-Boindia
  • Eochu Feidlech (aka Eochaid Feidlech, "the enduring")
  • Eochu Airem
  • Medb
  • Lugaid Riab nDerg
  • Crimthann Nia Náir
  • Feradach Finnfechtnach
  • Fíachu Finnolach
  • Tuathal Teachtmhar
  • Fedlimid Rechtmar
  • Conn Céchathach (Conn of the Hundred Battles)
  • Art mac Cuinn (Art Óenfer - The Loner)
  • Cormac mac Airt +Eithne Ollamda
  • Cairbre Lifechair (Lover of the Liffey, aka Corpre) +Aine
  • Fíacha Sroiptine (aka Fiachu Sraibtine, Legend says he was overthrown by the three Collas*)
  • Muiredach Tirech (Legend says he exiled the three Collas*)
  • Eochaid Mugmedon (Slave Lord)

Others to be determined later.

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

Project Members

Family Group Permissions

Granted (or Available)


Naming Conventions

For this project we prefer Gaelic spellings first, followed by English spellings, all separated by /. Keeping in the tradition of the "Big Tree", the surname field is always left blank until surnames are actually used - in Ireland, that would be the eleventh century.1 For example: Duach Laidrach / Dui Ladrach

List of duplicate copies

Some quick searches of the site, for either of Eochaidh the Heremon, his wife Tea-Tephi / Tamar-Telphi, or the much later Duach Laidrach return a large number of results, each of which MAY represent a separate duplicated line. What's most "fun" about finding these lines is the crazy number of spelling variants each and every name has.

Eochaidh the Heremon:

(search queries for Eochaidh and Heremon)

Tea-Tephi / Tamar-Telphi:

(search queries for Telphi and Tephi)

Íriel Fáid



Aedhan Glas

Simon Breac

Duach Laidrach (search query):

In big tree

  1. (OFFICIAL) Duach Laidrach managed by Pablo Benítez Barreto.
  2. Duach Laidrach managed by Brandon Bascom.
  3. Duach Laidrach Prince managed by Nathan De Graw.
  4. Duach Laidrach Prince managed by Adam.

Not in big-tree

  1. Duach Laidrach Prince managed by Jacqueli Charlene Finley.
  2. Duach Laidrach managed by Matthew Ford Silvia.

Ugaine Mor

Cobthach Coelbreg

Oengus Tuirmech

Enna Aignech

Eochu Feidlech

Eochu Airem


Lugaid Riab nDerg

Crimthann Nia Náir

Fíachu Finnolach

  1. (OFFICIAL) Fíachu Finnolach / Fiachu Fionnfolaid Macferdac / Fiachadh Fionchudh managed by Joyce Darlene Tharp.

Tuathal Teachtmhar

  1. (OFFICIAL) Tuathal Teachtmhar / Teachtmar / Teachtman Macfiachu managed by Joyce Darlene Tharp.

Fedlimid Rechtmar

  1. (OFFICIAL) Fedlimid Rechtmar / Feidhlimhioh Reachtmar / Fedelmid Mactuathal managed by Joyce Darlene Tharp.

Cairbre Lifechair

  1. (OFFICIAL) Cairbre Lifechair / Caibre Lifeachain / Carbre Liffeachair / Corpre managed by Beki Fierro.
  2. Cairbre Lifechair managed by William I
  3. Cairbre Lifechair CXVII, King of Ireland managed by Joanne Margaret Dunham
  5. Cairbre Lifechair of Ireland managed by Martin Budden.

Uí Fiachrach Profiles

Eochaid Mugmedon





Research to be done

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