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This site features links to Intriguing Jewish personalities, Prominent Rabbis, Torah Luminaries, Sages, Hasidic and illustrious Rabbinic lineages.


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Bible Figures

These Bible personalities are listed ONLY for reference! Please do NOT merge with these profiles. Instead try and find the most recent famous person in your tree and merge with those. This is because merging directly with a Bible Figure, creates needless work for yourself and whoever has to then merge the 90 intervening generations from them. These older lines are almost certainly ALREADY in the tree!

As I happened to start the biblical merge with some tree entered by non-Jews, most of the profiles are managed by them. Please contact Shmuel Aharon Kam regarding any questions about these lines.

Bible Tree

Much more information on the Biblical Tree Merge page.

King David

Yochanan HaSandlar - יוחנן הסנדלר

Nahshon ben Amminadav

Nahshon ben Amminadav Main Copy (SAK)

Queen Esther / אסתר המלכה

Queen Esther אסתר המלכה Copy (FML)

RASHI (1040 - 1105)

Baal Shem Tov (BeSH"T) (1698 - 1760) and Hasidic Dynasties

For reference:

Twerski/Twersky family - Chernobyl /Skver Hassidic Dynasty

These are just a few "starting points", to which many people are able to trace their families. There are many others in this tree. Illustrious Twersky Family Tree

Yehudah HaChasid יהודה החסיד

Yehudah HaChasid, Halevi ‪(1150 - 1217)‬ יהודה החסיד Main copy (MIR)

Rabbeinu Gershom Me'Or Hagolah

Gershom ben Yehudah "Me'Or Hagolah" (967 - 1030) Main Copy (JDH)

Ramban - רבי משה בן נחמן

Nahmanides, Rabbi Moses ben Naḥman Girondi, Ramban (1194 – 1270) Main Copy (JDH)

R' Yaakov Yitzchak Rabinowitz היהודי הקדוש

‎ * R' Yaakov Yitzchak Rabinowitz "The Holy Jew" (1766 - 1813) ‎רבי יעקב יצחק היהודי הקדוש Main Copy (HPHL)

Rabbi Eliezer Chaim Rabinowitz

Gaon Rabbi Eliezer Chaim Rabinowitz (Skoyle Hasidic Dynasty) (1845 - 1916) Main Copy (MM)

The Skolyer Rebbe

David Isaac Rabinowitz ("The Skolyer Rebbe" 1898 - 1979 ) Main Copy (MM)

Rokeach family

Horowitz family

Zerachiah Ha-Levi of Girona - Ba'al Ha-Maor (1125 - 1186) Main Copy (BB)

  • Isaiah ben Moshe Asher Ha-Levi Horowitz (1465 – 1514 ) Main Copy (BB)
  • Rabbi Meir Halevi Horowitz [Maharam of Tiktin], ( 1636-1746 ) מאיר הורוביץ מטיקטיןMain Copy (MMV)
  • Yishaya HaLevi Horowitz (The Shelah Hakodesh 1566- 1630 ) הגאון ישעיה הלוי הורוביץ - השל"ה הקדוש Main Copy (MIR)
  • R' Levi Yitzchak Horowitz - Bostoner Rebbe (1921 - 2009) Main Copy

Much more data listed on Horowitz Merge page.

Maharal (R' Yehuda Loew)

ReMA (R'Moshe Isserles)

The Vilna Gaon - The Gra, M'Vilna הגר"א

Eliyahu Kremer ( "Vilna Gaon" 1720 - 1797 ) Main Copy (DM)

The Berditcherver Rebbe

Levi Isaac (Yitsḥak) ben Meir of Berdichev ("The Berditchever Rebbe" 1740 - 1810 ) Main Copy (BL)

The Sanzer Rebbe Chaim Halberstam

Admor Chaim Halberstam, Sanzer Rebbe ("The Diverei Chaim" 1793 - 1876 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Breslover Rebbe

Nachman Horodenker ("Nachman Mi'Breslov" 1772 - 1810 ) Main Copy (IS)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi The Alter Rebbe Boruchovich ("Chabad Founder" 1745-1812 ) Main Copy (YGB)

  • DovBer Shneuri, The Mittler Rebbe דב בער שניאורי האדמור האמצעי (YGB)
  • Admor Hatzemach Tzedek מנחם מנדל שניאורסון הצמח צדק (YGB)
  • Shmuel Schneerson, MaHaRash שמואל שניאורסון מהר ש (YGB)
  • Shalom Dovber Schneerson, RaShab הרש אב (YGB)
  • Admor Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson, Rayatz הרי-יץ 9 (YGB)
  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson ("7th ADMOR of CHABAD The Lubavitcher Rebbe" 1902-1994 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Chasam Sofer

Rabbi Moshe Sofer Schreiber ("The Chasam Sofer" 1762 - 1839 ) Main Copy (SJ)

R' Shmuel Margolioth, ABD Posen

R' Shmuel Margoliyos, Dayan of Posen (c1550) Main Copy (MMF)

Mordechai Jaffe בעל הלבושים

Mordechai Jaffe "Baal Halevushim" (Yaffe) ‪(1531 - 1612) Main Copy (DZ)

The Gerrer Hassidic Dynasty

Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Rottenberg Alter ( The Gerrer Rebbe - "The Chiddushei HaRim" 1798 - 1866 ) Main Copy (BR)

  • Sfas Emes - Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (NS)
  • Imrei Emes - Avraham Mordechai Alter (RYS)
  • Beis Yisroel - Alter (TM)
  • Lev Simcha - Bunim Alter (MM)
  • Pinchas Menachem Alter (RS)
  • Yaakov Aryeh Alter(NS)

Rav Kook

Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook ("Rav Kook" 1865 - 1935 ) Main Copy (DT)

The Rogatchover Gaon

HaRav Yosef ben Fishel Rosen of Dvinsk (Tzofnath Paneach 1858 - 1936 ) Main Copy (MM)

The Ohr Somayach

Meir Simcha Ha-Kohen, "Or Sameyach" (1843 - 1926 ) Main Copy (LK)

Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld , יוסף חיים זוננפלד

R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld ‪(1849 - 1932) Main Copy (MS)

The Strelisker Rebbe

R' Uri ben Pinchas of Strelisk (ha-Seraf, 1757-1826) ‎אורי מסטרעליסק Main Copy (AZG)

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe

Menachem Mendel Hager ( The 1st Vizhnitzer Rebbe - "Tzemach Tzedek" 1830 - 1884 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Bostoner Rebbe

Pinchas Dovid Horowitz (1st Bostoner Rebbe 1876 - 1941 ) Main Copy (MM)

  • Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Horowitz (Boston & Jerusalem 1921 - 2009) Main Copy (MM)

Rabbi Akiva Eger

Akiva Eger ( Rabbi Akiva Guens-Eiger 1761 - 1837 ) Main Copy (MIN)

Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl "מן המצר"

Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl (מן המצר-רבי מיכאל דוב ווייסמאנדל (1903–1957 Main Copy (SJ)

The Belzer Rebbe

Rabbi Shalom Rokeach ("Sar Shalom" 1779 - 1855 ) Main Copy(MM)

The Bobover Dynasty

Grand Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam ( The 1st Bobover Rebbe 1847 - 1905 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Maggid of Mezeritch

Dov Ber Friedman ( The Maggid of Mezeritch 1703 - 1773 ) Main Copy (MIN) (MM)

Shmuel Frankel Kamader of Dorog

Shmuel Frankel Kamader of Dorog ("The Imrei Shefer" 1815 - 1882 ) Main Copy (DEL)

Asher Anshel Jungreis

Asher Anshel Jungreis ( 1806 - 1873) Main Copy (MM )

The Katzenellenbogen Dynasty

MaHaRaM of Padua Meir Katzenellenbogen 1482 - 1565 Main Copy (BB) (MM)

  • Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen ("Saul Wahl Jewish King for a Night" 1541 - 1617 ) Main Copy (BB)

The Luria Lineage ( c. 1300 - )

Samson Luria ( Physician, ABD Dachticha c. 1325 - 1417 ) Main Copy (BB) (MM)

  • Solomon Luria of Lublin ( MaHaRaSHaL Leading rabbinical authority of his generation 1510 - 1573 ) Main Copy (MM)

Yechiel Heilprin ( Seder HaDorot )

Yechiel Heilprin (1660 - 1746) Main Copy (MM)

The Rizhin Dynasty

Rabbi Yisroel Friedman ("Israel der Heyliger" 1796 - 1850 ) Main Copy (MIN)

The Alexander Dynasty

Grand Rabbi Yechiel Dancyger ( 1st Aleksanderer Rebbe 1828 - 1894 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Chofetz Chaim

Yisroel Meir HaKohen Kagan - Chofetz Chaim (1839 - 1933) Main Copy (JSL)

The Tosh Dynasty

R' Meshulam Feish Lowy ( The Tasher Rebbe ) Main Copy (MYH)

The Zvhil Mezbuz Zolotchov Dynasty

R' Jacob Korff ( Zvhil-Mezbuz-Boston, 1883 - 1952 ) Main Copy (PG)

MaHaRam Schick מהר"ם שיק

R' Moshe Schick ( MaHaRam Schick 1807 - 1879 ) Main Copy (JO)

Meir of Rothenburg MaHaRaM

Meir of Rothenburg the MaHaRaM ( 1215 - 1293 )Main Copy (MJ)

Jakob Weil - MahariV

R. Jakob ben Yehuda Weil (c1385 - 1456) Main copy (MM)

The Kotzker Rebbe

Menachem Mendel Morgensztern/Shtern/Morgenshtern ( The Kotzker Rebbe, Menachem Mendel of Kotsk 1787 - 1859 ) Main Copy (CRJS)

Mordechai Yosef Leiner מי השילוח

Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Izbica , (1801 - 1854) Main Copy (EIM)

The Apter Rebbe

Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel of Apt ( Apter Rebbe, "Ohev Israel" 1749 - 1825 ) Main Copy (CRHS) (MM)

The Halberstam Dynasty

Chaim Halberstam, Sanzer Rebbe ("The Diverei Chaim" 1793 - 1876 ) Main Copy (YGB)

  • Grand Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam (Sanz-Bobov 1847 - 1905) (YGB)
  • Grand Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam (Sanz-Klausenberg 1905 - 1994)Main Copy (LT)
  • Rabbi Aaron Halberstam (Sanzer Rebbe - Gribov 1824 - 1903)Main Copy (MM)

The Carlebach Rabbinic Dynasty

הגאון שלמה קרליבך HaGaon Shlomo Carlebach (1945 - 1919)Main Copy (ZC)

The Dayan Dynasty

R. Eliyahu Dayan (80 male generations to King David) Main Copy (MM)

Rav Tsvi Pesah Frank

Rav Tsvi Pesah Frank ( Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem for several decades c.1873 - 1960 ) Main Copy (MIN)

HaRav Avraham Elkanah Kahana Shapira

HaRav Avraham Elkanah Kahana Shapira (1911 - 2007) Main Copy (YD)

Pinchas Shapira, of Koretz

R' Pinchas Shapira, of Koretz ‪(1728 - 1790) Main Copy (SJ)

Zvi Elimelech Spira of Dinov - "Bnei Yisaschar"

R' Tzvi Elimelech Sapiro - Bnei Yissuchor (1783 - 1841) Main Copy (HPHA)

Rav Yisroel Spira, Bluzhever Rebbe

Rav Yisroel Spira, Bluzhever Rebbe (1889 - 1989) Main Copy (DH)

Efraim Fischel Szapira [Strykower Rebbe]

R' Efraim Fischel Shapira [Strykower Rebbe] (1743 - 1825) אדמור אפרים פישל שפירא Main Copy (MM)

Chaim Meir Yechiel Szapira [Saraf of Moglenitz]

Chaim Meir Yechiel Shapira-Saraf of Moglenitz (1789 -1849) Main Copy (SJ)

Yehiel Meir Shapira, Admor of Będzin

Yehiel Meir Shapira, Admor of Będzin (1863 - 1924) Main Copy (MM)

Yehuda Meir Shapira (Daf Yomi) יהודה מאיר שפירא

Yehuda Meir Shapira (1887 - 1934) Main Copy (YD)

Rabbi Refael Shapiro (Volozhin)

Rabbi Refael Shapiro (1837 - 1921) Main Copy (EGL)

Munkacser Hassidic Dynasty

R' Tzvi Elimelech Sapiro - Bnei Yissuchor (1783 - 1841) Main Copy (HPHA)

  • R' Chaim Elazar Spira / Shapiro / Sapiro (Minchas Elazar)Main Copy (SF)

Rav Yisroel Spira of Bluzhev

Yisroel Spira of Bluzhov (1889 - 1989) Main Copy (RYZ)

Teitelbaum Satmar & Sighet Dynasty

Gaon Moshe Teitelbaum of Ujheli ( The Yismach Moshe - Satmar & Sighet founder 1759 - 1841 ) Main Copy (SCS)

Rav Moshe Feinstein

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (1895 - 1986) Main Copy (NR)

Soloveitchik Dynasty

Rabbi Simcha Hacohen Rapoport ( 1650 - 1717) Main Copy (OJA)

Elchanan Bonim Wasserman

Elchanan Bonim Wasserman (1875 - 1941) Main Copy (ML)

The Kaliver Dynasty

Admor Isaac Taub of Kaliv (1751-1821) Main Copy (SF)

The Sasregen Dynasty

R' Mordechai Rubin ( Sasregener Rebbe ) Main Copy (YGB)

Rabbi Israel Salanter

R' Yisrael Salanter (1810 - 1883)- Founder of Musser Movement Main Copy (RS)

R' Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman

R' Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman (1886 - 1969) Main Copy (RYS)

The Maggid of Lutzk

R' Shlomo Flam (The Maggid of Lutzk) Main Copy (MMF)

The Chozeh of Lublin

R'Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz Ha Levi (1745 - 1815) Main Copy (CRJS)

Reb Zusya of Anlpoli

R'Meshulamen Zusia of AnIpoli (1718-1800) Main Copy (MM)

Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk

R' Elimelech Lipman of Lizhensk (Weisblum) (1717 - 1787) Main Copy (JBW)

Maggid of Kozienice המגיד מקוז'ניץ

Rabbi Yisrael Hopstein, Maggid of Kozienice (1733 - 1814) Main Copy (AF)

The Lelover Rabbinical Dynasty

R' Dovid Lelover, The Yismach Moshe 1st Lelover Rebbe (1746 - 1814) Main copy (EGL)

  • R' Moshe Biderman, Lelover Rebbe-Yerusholaim (1776 - 1851) Main Copy (EGL

The Biala Rabbincal Dynasty

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Rabinowitz - Yid HaKadosh / The Holy Jew Of Peshischa (1766 - 1813) Main Copy (EGL)

Shlomo Hakohen Rabinowicz - The Tiferes Shlomo

Rabbi Shlomo Hakohen Rabinowicz (the Tiferes Shlomo) (1801–1866) Main Copy (RS)

Be'er Mayim Chayim

  • R' Chaim Tirer M'Chernovitz "Bei'er Mayim Chaim (1740 - 1860) Main Copy (SP)

The Ma'or Vashemesh

R'Kalonymos Kalmen Epstein (1754 - 1825) Main Copy (EL)

Simcha Bunim of Peshischa

R' Simcha Bunim Bonhart of Pryzsucha (1765 - 1827) Main Copy (SF)

Heschel Rabbinical Family / Apt-Mezhbizh-Zinkover Chassidic Dynasty

R' Abraham Joshua Heschel of Apt - Ohev Israel (1748 - 1825)Main Copy (NR)

Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov

R' Tzvi Elimelech Sapiro - Bnei Yissuchor (1783 - 1841) Main Copy (HPHA

Tosfos Yomtov

Yom Tov Lipman Halevi Heller (תוספות יו"ט 1579 - 1654)Main Copy (JHP)

HaAri HaKodesh הארי

Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi ben Shlomo - Ariהאריor Arizal (1534-1572 c.e.) (Main Copy (NB)

Zerachiah Ha-Levi of Girona

Zerachiah Ha-Levi of Girona - Ba'al Ha-Maor (1125 - 1186) Main Copy (BB)

The Schakh

Shabbatai ben Meir ha-Kohen - The Schakh (1621-1662) Main Copy (JF)

Rabbenu Tam

Jacob ben Meir Tam - Rabbeinu Tam (c. 1100–c. 1171) Main Copy (AO)

The Noda B'Yehuda

R' Yecheskel Landau - Noda B'Yehuda יחזקאל-לאנדא-נודע-ביהודה Main Copy (BB)

Hai Gaon

Hai Gaon - last of the Geonim of Pumbeditha (939-1038 )Main Copy (TM)

Saadia Gaon ‎‎ ‫סעדיה גאון‬ سعيد بن

Saadia Gaon ( 882 - 942 )Main Copy (MM)


Isaac ben Judah Abravanel (1437-1508)Main Copy (RJS)

The Kalischer Rebbe

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795 - 1874) Main Copy (RHS)

Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv

Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (b. 1910 Lithuania) Main Copy (SAK)

The Bach

Rabbi Joel Yaffe Sirkis [The Ba"Ch] ‪(1561 - 1640) ‬ Main Copy (YT)

  • The Bach (1561 - 1640) (NB)

The TaZ

David HaLevi Segal - the TaZ (c. 1586–1667) Main Copy (NB)

The Malbim

Meïr Leibush ben Jehiel Michel Weiser - The Malbim (1809 - 1879) Main Copy (GL)


Harav Hagoan Hersh Leib Berlin - The NeTZIV (1816 - 1893)Main Copy (EGL)

Chaim Berlin

R' Chaim Berlin (1832 - 1912) Main Copy (EGL

The Chazon Ish

Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz - Chazon Ish (1878 - 1953) Main Copy (LBL)


Shmuel ben Meir - Rashbam (1085 -1174) Main Copy (RJS)

Meshullam HaGadol (Kalonymus)

Meshullam HaGadol (900 - 976) Main Copy (EDZ)

Shimon HaGadol of Mainz

R'Shimon ben Isaac ben Abun of Mainz (circa 950) Main Copy (MR)

Avraham HaMalach

R' Avraham Hamalach Friedman (1739 - 1776) Main Copy (MIN)

The Modzitz Hasidic Dynasty

Rebbe Yechezkel Taub of Kuzmir (1773 - 1856) Main Copy (BD)

Israel Meir Taub - Divrei Israel (1848 - 1920)Main Copy (BD)

Yaakov Emden

Yaakov Israel Emden - She'eilat Ya'avetz (1697 - 1776)Main Copy (YGB)

Yisrael Isser Isserles

Rabbi Israel Isserlin ben Petahiah - Terumat HaDeshan (1390-1460) Main Copy (CRJS)

MaHarSha מהרש"א

Shmuel Eliazer Eidels - MaHarSha (1555 - 1632)Main Copy (NB)

Eliyahu Leizer

Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler (1891 - 1953) Main Copy (JAHH)

Chaim Ozer Grodzensky

Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzensky (1863 - 1940) Main Copy (EGL)

MaHaRaM A"Sh

Meir ben Yitzchak Eisenstadt - Panim Meiroth (1670 - 1744) Main Copy (EK)

Aruch Hashulchan

Yechiel Michel HaLevi Epstein - Aruch Hashulchan (1829 - 1908) Main Copy (EGL)

The Alter of Slabodka

Nosson Zvi (Nota Hirsh) Finkel (1849-1927) Main Copy (EGL)

Yitzchak Elchanan Spector

Yitzchak Elchanan Spector of Kovno (1817 – 1896) Main Copy (JSN)

Reb Aisel Harif

Rabbi Yehoshua Aisek Shapira "Reb Eaisel Harif" Slonimer Illui (1801 - 1873) Main Copy (MG)

The Maharatz Chajes

Zvi Hirsch CHAJES - The Maharatz Chajes (1805 - 1855)Main Profile (RS)

Meir Maharam of Lublin

Meir ben Gedalia – Maharam of Lublin (1558-1616) Main Copy (YGRB)

Samson Raphael Hirsch

Samson Raphael Hirsch - Torah im Derech Eretz (1808 - 1888) Main Copy (RWF)

Rabbi Yizchak Dov Baer Bamberger, יצחק דב במברגר

Rabbi Yizchak Dov Baer Bamberger - The Würzburger Rav ( 1807 - 1878) Main Copy (MF)

R' Raphael ben Jekuthiel Susskind Cohen of Hamburg

ר` רפאל הכהן מהמבורג - Chief Rabbi of Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbek (1722 - 1803 ) Main Copy (JIF)

Rabbi Dr. Ezriel Hildesheimer

‎עזריאל הילדסהיימר Israel (Azriel) Hildesheimer, (1820 - 1899) Main Copy (MM)

HaRav Yaakov Koppel Reich

  • Yaakov Koppel Reich, Chief Rabbi of Budapest (1838-1929) Main Copy (PS)

Maharil Diskin

Yehoshua Yehudah Leib Diskin - Maharil Diskin (1818 – 1898) Main Copy (SBT)

Shlomo Zalman Auerbach

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (1910 - 1995)Main Copy ( EAF )

Rav Aharon Kotler

Rav Aharon Kotler - Svislovitzer Ilui (c.1891 - 1962) Main Copy (RS)

Harav Isser Zalman Meltzer

Harav Isser Zalman Meltzer - Even HaEzel (1870 – 1953)Main Copy (ST)

Rav Pam

Rav Avrohom Yaakov HaKohen Pam (1913 – 2001)Main Copy (YB)

Avigdor HaKohen Miller

Rabbi Avigdor Miller (1908 - 2001) Main Copy (EYK)

Rabbi Shimon Shkop

Shimon Yehuda HaCohen Shkop (1860 - 1939) Main Copy (YGRB)

"Avnei Nezer" 1st Sochatchover Rebbe

Harav Avraham Borenstein 'Avnei Nezer', 1st Sochatchover Rebbe (1838 – 1910) Main Copy (RJS)

Menachem Ziemba

Gaon Menachem Ziemba from Warsaw (1883–1943) Main Copy (AE)

Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal

Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal - Eim Habonim Semeichah (1885 - 1945)Main Copy (MM)

Moshe Gruenwald

Rabbi Moshe Gruenwald - Arigas Habosem (1853 -1911) Main Copy (SK)

Yitzhak Nahum Twersky, of Shpikov

Yitzhak Nahum Twersky, of Shpikov (1888 - 1942) Main Copy (PS)

Shlomo Ganzfried

Harav Shlomo Ganzfried - the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (1804 - 1886 ) Main Copy (AU)

Chacham Tzvi

‎חכם צבי הירש אשכנזי Chacham Tzvi (Hirsh) Ashkenazi [Chacham Tzvi] (1658 - 1718)Main Copy (YGB)

Israel Meir Lau

Israel Meir Lau (LOW) ( Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel 1993–2003 - b. 1937 ) Main Copy (RS)

Ovadia Yosef

Hacham Ovadia Yosef – b. 1924 Main Copy (JFD)

Amram Blau, עמרם בלוי

HaRav Amram Blau ( 1894 - 1974) Main Copy (RYS)

Shalom Mordechai HaKohen Schwandron

R' Shalom Mordechai Schwandron ( 1835 - 1911 ) Main Copy (RA)

Adin Even-Israel

Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) - b.1937 Main copy (IYT)

Shlomo Goren

HaRav Shlomo Goren - Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General (1918 – 1994) Main Copy (MW)

Yona Yehiel Metzger,‎‫יונה מצגר‬‎

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger - b. 1953 Main Copy (MM)

Immanuel Jacobowitz

Rabbi Lord Baron Immanuel Jacobowitz ( 1921 – 1999) Main Copy (RYS)

Baal HaSulam

Admor Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag - Baal Hasulam (1884 - 1954) Main Copy (MM)

Rambam, רמב"ם

Moshe ben Maimon - Maimonides / Rambam (1135 - 1204) Main Copy (YGB

Yehudah HaNassi, יהודה הנשיא

Judah HaNassi - Judah the Prince (135 - 219) Main Copy (YGB)

Hillel הלל

Hillel Hazaken - (112 - 70) (MIR)

Martin Mordechai Buber

‎מרטין מרדכי בובר Martin Mordechai Buber (‎1878 - 1965) Main Copy (MM)

Louis Ginzberg

Louis Leib Ginzberg (1873 - 1953) Main Copy (MM)

Isaac Mayer Wise

Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise (1819 - 1900) Main Copy (RS)

Abraham Judah Klausner

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Klausner (1915 -2007) Main Copy (RPT)

Theodor Herzl

‎בנימין זאב הרצל Theodore Herzl (1860 - 1904) Main Copy (YGB)

David Ben-Gurion, דוד בן-גוריון

דוד בן-גוריון David Ben-Gurion ( 1886 - 1973) Main Copy (YGB)

Yitzhak Ben Zvi, יצחק בן צבי

‎יצחק בן צבי ,Yitzhak Ben Zvi, 2nd President of Israel, (1884 - 1963)Main Copy (YGB)

Yitzhak Navon, יצחק נבון

‎יצחק נבון', Yitzhak Navon, 5th President of Israel ( b.1921 )Main Copy (YGB)

Yitzhak Rabin יִצְחָק רַבִּין

‎יִצְחָק רַבִּין Nehemiah Rubitzov/Yitzhak Rabin ( 1922 - 1995) Main Copy (AO)

Ariel Sharon, אַריק

Ariel Sharon, ‎אריאל שרון (b. 1928 )Main Copy (MM)

Chaim Azriel Weizmann, ‫חיים עזריאל ויצמן‬‎

‎‫חיים עזריאל ויצמן‬‎ ,Chaim Azriel Weizmann (1874 - 1952)Main Copy (AH)

Ezer Weizman - עזר ויצמן

עזר ויצמן - Ezer Weizman (1924 - 2005 )Main Copy (IJM)

Heinrich Graetz

Heinrich Graetz (1817 - 1891) Main Copy (YB)

Albert Einstein אלברט אינשטיין

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955 ) Main Copy (YGB)

Sigmund Shlomo Freud

Sigmund Shlomo Freud (1856 - 1939) Main Copy (JL)

John von Neumann

John von Neumann (1903 - 1957) Main Copy (AP)

Karl Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx Levi (1818 - 1883) Main Copy (CFMV)

Moses Montefiore משה מונטיפיורי

‏Sir Moses Haim Montefiore (1784 - 1885‪)‬ Main Copy (CBMV)

Franz Amshel Kafka

‎פרנץ קפקא Franz Amschel Kafka ( 1883 - 1924 ) Main Copy (MM)

Franz Rosenzweig

פרנץ רוזנצווייג Franz Rosenzweig (1886 - 1929)Main Copy (MM)

Robert Aumann : ישראל אומן

‎ישראל אומן Yisrael (Robert John) John (Yisrael) Aumann (1930)Main Copy (YMS)

Michel de Nostredame מיכאל דה נוטרדם

מיכאל דה נוטרדם Michel de Nostredame (גאסונט Gassonet) NOSTRADAMUS (1503 - 1566) Main Copy (YGB)

Elchanan by legend the Jewish Pope

Elchanan ben Shimon HaGadol (c950 - c1020) Main Copy (MZR)

Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger

Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger, cardinal (1926 - 2007) Main Copy (GH)

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