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This is a page for Sages, Torah Luminaries, venerable Hasidic dynasties and illustrious Rabbinic lineages.

We're just starting out, feel free to help and insert additional leading profiles.


Bible Figures

These are listed ONLY for reference! Please do NOT merge with these profiles. Instead try and find the most recent famous person in your tree, such as the names above, and merge with those. Merging directly with a Bible Figure, creates needless work for yourself and whoever has to then merge the 90 intervening generations from them. These older lines are almost certainly ALREADY in the tree!

As I happened to start the biblical merge with some tree entered by non-Jews, most of the profiles are managed by them. Please contact Shmuel Aharon Kam regarding any questions about these lines.

Much more information on the Biblical Tree Merge page.

Baal Shem Tov (BeSH"T) (1698 - 1760) and Hasidic Dynasties

  • Israel ben Eliezer - Baal Shem Tov, Besht Main Copy

For reference:

Twerski/Twersky family

These are just a few "starting points", to which many people are able to trace their families. There are many others in this tree.

Rokeach family

Horowitz family

  • Isaiah ben Moshe Asher Ha-Levi Horowitz (1465 – 1514 ) Main Copy (BB)
  • R. Isaiah HaLevi Horowitz - SheLaH Hakodesh (1570 - 1630) Main Copy
  • R' Levi Yitzchak Horowitz - Bostoner Rebbe (1921 - 2009) Main Copy

Much more data listed on Horowitz Merge page.

Maharal (R' Yehuda Loew)

ReMA (R'Moshe Isserles)

RASHI (1040 - 1105)

  • R'Shlomo Ben Yitzchak - Rashi ((JS)

The Vilna Gaon

Eliyahu Kremer ( "Vilna Gaon" 1720 - 1797 ) Main Copy (DM)

The Berditcherver Rebbe

Levi Isaac (Yitsḥak) ben Meir of Berdichev ("The Berditchever Rebbe" 1740 - 1810 ) Main Copy (BL)

The Sanzer Rebbe Chaim Halberstam

Admor Chaim Halberstam, Sanzer Rebbe ("The Diverei Chaim" 1793 - 1876 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Breslover Rebbe

Nachman Horodenker ("Nachman Mi'Breslov" 1772 - 1810 ) Main Copy (CRJS)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi The Alter Rebbe Boruchovich ("Chabad Founder" 1745-1812 ) Main Copy (YGB)

  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson ("7th ADMOR of CHABAD The Lubavitcher Rebbe" 1902-1994 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Chasam Sofer

Rabbi Moshe Sofer Schreiber ("The Chasam Sofer" 1762 - 1839 ) Main Copy (MIN)

The Gerrer Rebbe

Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Rottenberg Alter ( The Gerrer Rebbe - "The Chiddushei HaRim" 1798 - 1866 ) Main Copy (CRJS)

Rav Kook

Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook ("Rav Kook" 1865 - 1935 ) Main Copy (OB)

The Skolyer Rebbe

David Isaac Rabinowitz ("The Skolyer Rebbe" 1898 - 1979 ) Main Copy (MM)

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe

Menachem Mendel Hager ( The 1st Vizhnitzer Rebbe - "Tzemach Tzedek" 1830 - 1884 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Bostoner Rebbe

Pinchas Dovid Horowitz ( Grand Bostoner Rebbe 1876 - 1941 ) Main Copy

  • Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Horowitz (Bostoner-Jerusalem) (1921 - 2009) Main Copy

Rabbi Akiva Eger

Akiva Eger ( Rabbi Akiva Guens-Eiger 1761 - 1837 ) Main Copy (MIN)

The Belzer Rebbe

Rabbi Shalom Rokeach ("Sar Shalom" 1779 - 1855 ) Main Copy (MYR) (MM)

Teitelbaum Satmar & Sighet Dynasty

Gaon Moshe Teitelbaum of Ujheli ( The Yismach Moshe - Satmar & Sighet founder 1759 - 1841 ) Main Copy (SCS)

The Bobover Dynasty

Grand Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam ( The 1st Bobover Rebbe 1847 - 1905 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Maggid of Mezeritch

Dov Ber Friedman ( The Maggid of Mezeritch 1703 - 1773 ) Main Copy (MIN) (MM)

Shmuel Frankel Kamader of Dorog

Shmuel Frankel Kamader of Dorog ("The Imrei Shefer" 1815 - 1882 ) Main Copy (DEL)

The Katzenellenbogen Dynasty

MaHaRaM of Padua Meir Katzenellenbogen 1482 - 1565 Main Copy (BB) (MM)

  • Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen ("Saul Wahl Jewish King for a Night" 1541 - 1617 ) Main Copy (BB)

The Luria Lineage ( c. 1300 - )

Samson Luria ( Physician, ABD Dachticha c. 1325 - 1417 ) Main Copy (BB) (MM)

  • Solomon Luria of Lublin ( MaHaRaSHaL Leading rabbinical authority of his generation 1510 - 1573 ) Main Copy (MM)

The Rizhin Dynasty

Rabbi Yisroel Friedman ("Israel der Heyliger" 1796 - 1850 ) Main Copy (MIN)

The Alexander Dynasty

Grand Rabbi Yechiel Dancyger ( 1st Aleksanderer Rebbe 1828 - 1894 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Chofetz Chaim

Yisroel Meir Kagan ( The Chofetz Chaim - Kagan/Poupko 1839 - 1933 ) Main Copy (RJSA)

Munkacser Rebbe

R' Shlomo Spira / Shapiro ( Shem Shlomo of Munkacz ) Main Copy (DO)

The Tosh Dynasty

R' Meshulam Feish Lowy ( The Tasher Rebbe ) Main Copy (YL)

MaHaRam Schick

R' Moshe Schick ( MaHaRam Schick 1807 - 1879 ) Main Copy (MM)

The Kotzker Rebbe

Menachem Mendel Morgensztern/Shtern/Morgenshtern ( The Kotzker Rebbe, Menachem Mendel of Kotsk 1787 - 1859 ) Main Copy (CRJS)

The Apter Rebbe

Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel of Apt ( Apter Rebbe, "Ohev Israel" 1749 - 1825 ) Main Copy (CRHS) (MM)

The Halberstam Dynasty

(Please add the other prominent family members)

Chaim Halberstam, Sanzer Rebbe ("The Diverei Chaim" 1793 - 1876 ) Main Copy (YGB)

The Dayan Dynasty

R. Eliyahu Dayan (80 male generations to King David) Main Copy (MM)

Rav Tsvi Pesah Frank

Rav Tsvi Pesah Frank ( Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem for several decades c.1873 - 1960 ) Main Copy (MIN)

Israel Meir Lau

Israel Meir Lau (LOW) ( Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel 1993–2003 - b. 1937 ) Main Copy (RS)

Rav Moshe Feinstein

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (1895 - 1986) Main Copy (NR)

Soloveitchik Dynasty

Rabbi Simcha Hacohen Rapoport C.1700 Main Copy (EGL)

Elchanan Bonim Wasserman

Elchanan Bonim Wasserman (1875 - 1941) Main Copy (ML)

The Kaliver Dynasty

Admor Isaac Taub of Kaliv (1751-1821) Main Copy (MM)

The Sasregen Dynasty

R' Mordechai Rubin ( Sasregener Rebbe ) Main Copy (YGB)

Rabbi Israel Salanter

R' Yisrael Salanter (1810 - 1883)- Founder of Musser Movement Main Copy (RS)

The Maggid of Lutzk

R' Shlomo Flam (The Maggid of Lutzk) Main Copy (MMF)

The Chozeh of Lublin

R'Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz Ha Levi (1745 - 1815) Main Copy (CRJS)

Reb Zusya of Anlpoli

R'Meshulamen Zusia of AnIpoli (1718-1800) Main Copy (MM)

Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk

R'Elimelech Lipman of Lizhensk (Weissbloom) (1717 - 1787) Main Copy (MZR)

The Lelover Rabbinical Dynasty

R' Dovid Lelover, The Yismach Moshe 1st Lelover Rebbe (1746 - 1814) Main copy (EGL)

  • R' Moshe Biderman, Lelover Rebbe-Yerusholaim (1776 - 1851) Main Copy (EGL

The Biala Rabbincal Dynasty

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Rabinowitz - Yid HaKadosh / The Holy Jew Of Peshischa (1766 - 1813) Main Copy (EGL)

The Ma'or Vashemesh

R'Kalonymos Kalmen Epstein (1754 - 1825) Main Copy (EL)

Simcha Bunim of Peshischa

R' Simcha Bunim Bonhart of Pryzsucha (1765 - 1827) Main Copy (SF)

Apt-Mezhbizh-Zinkover Hasidic dynasty

R' Abraham Joshua Heschel of Apt - Ohev Israel (1748 - 1825)Main Copy (NR)

Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov

R' Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov Sapiro - Bnei Yissuchor (1783 - 1841) Main Copy

Tosfos Yomtov

Yom Tov Lipman Halevi Heller (תוספות יו"ט 1579 - 1654)Main Copy

HaAri HaKodesh

Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi ben Shlomo - Ari or Arizal (1534-1572 c.e.) Main Copy (VSM)

Zerachiah Ha-Levi of Girona

Zerachiah Ha-Levi of Girona - Ba'al Ha-Maor (1125 - 1186) Main Copy (BB)

The Schakh

Shabbatai ben Meir ha-Kohen - The Schakh (1621-1662) Main Copy (NB)

Rabbenu Tam

Jacob ben Meir Tam - Rabbeinu Tam (c. 1100–c. 1171) Main Copy (AO)

The Noda B'Yehuda

R' Yecheskel Landau - Noda B'Yehuda Main Copy (JS)

Hai Gaon

Hai Gaon - last of the Geonim of Pumbeditha (939-1038 )Main Copy


Isaac ben Judah Abravanel (1437-1508)Main Copy (RJS)

The Kalischer Rebbe

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795 - 1874) Main Copy (RHS)

Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv

Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (b. 1910 Lithuania) Main Copy (SAK)

The Bach

Rabbi Joel Jaffe Sirkis - The Bach (1561 - 1640)[ Main Copy (NB)]

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