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This page is about the country of Israel specifically, and the Jewish people in general.


English is fairly widespread in Israel, especially among the younger generation, but a large part of the nation only speaks Hebrew. Hebrew is written right-to-left, and uses a special alphabet.

Internet availability

High-speed Internet is very common in Israel, and it is frequently used. Israeli sites tend to be slightly behind on the recent technologies (for example, Facebook still didn't quite catch, but blogging is very popular). Israeli sites are all in Hebrew.

Other things to consider

Certain Jewish records are kept in the Hebrew calendar, which uses letters instead of numbers. The "modern" form is a fixed arithmetic lunisolar calendar. Because of the roughly 11 day difference between twelve lunar months and one solar year, the calendar repeats in a Metonic 19-year cycle of 235 lunar months, with an extra lunar month added once every two or three years, for a total of 7 times per 19 years. As the Hebrew calendar was developed in the region east of the Mediterranean Sea, references to seasons reflect the times and climate of the Northern Hemisphere.

In Jewish culture, it is customary to commemorate the death of a relative (this is something to add to the calendar on Geni).

Interest in genealogy

Genealogy has always been important to the Jewish people, and some families have kept good records of their lineage.

The Holocaust has left many Jewish families separated from their relatives and their past. Attempts are often made to reconnect with lost relatives.

Date Format

Israel like many other Middle Eastern countries, only uses 1 date format.

  • Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)
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