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Every Geni user who did not start their Tree was invited by another Geni user, either another person on their Tree or by a Friend on another Tree.


  1. When you invite someone to your family tree using the invite feature we will generate an email, sent in your name, to this person.
  2. This email will contain a link to view the family tree.
  3. Clicking the link will present the person with the option to either Accept or Reject the invitation to join your tree.
  4. If the person accepts, they will now 'own' their profile and have control over what notification settings we send them.
  5. If the person rejects the invitation, we delete their email from our database and will not send them any further emails.

Please note that you can not invite a person who is under 13 years old.


You can also invite Friends to Geni. A Friend can view your profile and photos but not your Tree.

You can invite a Friend by entering their email address in the 'Invite your friends:' box on your Profile.

Use the 'add from address book' link to find an email address in your address book or invite multiple friends at one time. After you select the Friends you would like to invite and click the 'continue' button, the selected email addresses will be entered in the invite box. You will then need to click the 'Invite a Family Friend' button to send the invites.

Click the 'Add to Friends' text link on a Search Result

There is a link to your invite history from your invite page. Use the 'invite' link on the top right when you are logged in to Geni.

Build your tree from your address book

You can quickly build your family tree and invite your relatives to join Geni in three easy steps:

  • Import your address book and we will help you find the family members you want to add to your tree.
  • Once you have selected your family members, you will see a the 'Unconnected People' tab in your Tree Tray. The color of the nodes indicate the gender - green (gender unknown), blue (male), or pink (female).
  • You or anyone in your tree can then drag these nodes to add them to your family tree.
  • These family members will then be invited to join you in building your family tree.
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