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You can use your Geni Inbox to exchange messages with other Geni users. You can send a message to any living profile on your tree, any family friend, or search result that allows the 'send message' link.

Note: If a user's year of birth makes them older than 130 years we will assume that they are deceased and you will not be able to include them in the To: field of a new message.

You can select Reply All, Reply, or Forward messages you receive in your Inbox.

You can send a message to groups of your family and friends on Geni, and you can add your own custom groups to the following predefined groups that we have created for you:

  • My Immediate Family – Your current spouse or partner and your parents, siblings, and children
  • My Family – Your third cousins and closer and their current partners and your current partner's second cousins and closer and their current partners
  • My Friends – All of your Family Friends
  • Immediate Family of… - The person you select and their parents, siblings, and children
  • Descendants of… - The person you select and their direct descendants

Messaging users outside your tree

You have the ability to send messages to users outside of your tree. This feature is a great way to collaborate with other Geni users who share your research interests and to connect with potential family members. Look for ‘Send Message’ links on search results outside your tree.

If you would like users outside of your tree to have the ability to send you a message, make sure you have checked the ‘"Send Message to Me" button’ checkboxes in the Search Privacy section on your settings page.

You will also find notifications, such as friend requests, in your Inbox.

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