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Dates are a very important part of historical and genealogical research. Geni provides fields to plot the following dates:

  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Marriage

These dates will then automatically be distributed to various applicable areas such as:

Date of Birth

It is important to input the date of birth especially for use within the Calendar. Birthday's are notated within the Calendar by a birthday cake icon. The Calendar view not only provides the opportunity to send birthday greetings but can also be used to compare and contrast the number of people born on a certain day or during a particular month. Geni's hidden age calculator automatically calculates the age that a living person will turn on their next birthday. This age is displayed within the Calendar and is notated in parentheses next to the associated person's name.

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Date of Death

It is important to add the date of death and mark people deceased when applicable so they are displayed correctly. A deceased person's profile will have a memory book rather than a guest book. The intent of the memory book is to provide a space for family members to post and share memories with other family members about a deceased relative. Also, deceased people can be notated on the tree with a hash mark in the upper left hand portion of their node, if the "mark deceased" preference is enabled. The Calendar view can be customized to display or not display deceased relatives by enabling or disabling the check boxes. However, switching from these various view options can only be achieved by defining the status of a person as living or deceased. Proving a person is deceased can be achieved by finding a date of death through a reputable document and adding that date to the associated profile.

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Date of Marriage

Anniversary dates appear on the Calendar when the date of marriage is added to a profile. This event is notated with a heart icon.

What Now?

You can start by adding all of the known relevant dates. To do this go to the person's profile and click "edit profile". You can add birth or death dates in the "Basics" field and marriage dates in the "Relationships" field.

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