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== Variations ==
== Variations ==
[[Hundsperg]], [[Hunsperger]], [[Honsberger]], Huntsberger, Honsberger, Honsperger, Hundsberger, Hunzberger
[[Hundsperg]], [[Hunsperger]], [[Honsberger]], Huntsberger, Honsperger, Hundsberger, Hunzberger
== Famous Persons ==
== Famous Persons ==

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German: habitational name for someone from a place called Hunsberg or Huntsberg. [1]. It is the 17,297th most popular surname in the United States.[2]


The earliest recorded Hunsbergers in America were three brothers who first appeared in 1720 in the records of Franconia, PA in Montgomery County.

Some sources place the origins of the Hunsbergers in Bern, Switzerland. One source places the earliest mention of the Hunsberger name in the year 1295. Another source suggested the family could have come from the hamlet of Hunsperg, which is located northeast of Bern in the vicinity of Krauchthal. [3]

Coat of Arms


No authoritative crest or coat of arms for the Hunsberger Family has been found. A family crestwas created in the late 1930's by an artist at the request of the Hunsberger Family Association's first historian. It reflects the farming background of the family, and shows symbols of the Bern region in Switzerland from where the Hunsbergers are believed to have originated.

Geni.com Stats

As of 11/26/2007 there are 70 profiles on Geni.com with the surname HUNSBERGER, 4 with the surname HUNSBERGAR - also see Hunsberger Geni Search Results.


Hundsperg, Hunsperger, Honsberger, Huntsberger, Honsperger, Hundsberger, Hunzberger

Famous Persons

Donald Hunsberger: one of the world’s foremost authorities on conducting, orchestration, and music literature.


Hunsberger Family Association Web site: http://www.hunsberger.org/

Location of Family Reunion: Souderton, PA

Geneology Forum : Geneology.com

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