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Step 1:

Start by pressing the edit button for the country’s language you want to translate for.

Step 2:

Then you enter this: (Enter it at the bottom of the page!)

== Geni Translation ==
 {{LANGUAGE translation}}

(Change LANGUAGE with the language you’re translating.)

Step 3:

Now, go to this webpage:
(Again, change language with the language you’re translating.)

Step 4:

Now you’ve arrived at the page, your translation will be. Enter this:


(You’ll have to change the COUNTRY with the country you’re translating for, and LANGUAGE with the language you’re translating.)

Step 5:

Then you copy this list: ()
And paste it, between:


Step 6:

Now you can start translating. You just add a = next to a term and then enter the translation. See here:

Step 7:

This you do all the way down. Now if you save and go out of edit mode, you’ll see something like this:

Step 8:

Everytime you’ve translated something, the box becomes green. When it’s orange, it’s not yet translated. When you have translated everything, everything should become green. If that’s not the case, you’ve done something wrong. If you can’t figure it out, you can try to contact me or somebody else to help you. Or ask in the forum. To contact me, click on my username to get my email. Dicito

Now, if you one day discover that something has turned orange, but you go into edit mode and see that you’ve already translated everything, it’s because a new term has been added to the list. To translate the term, you do this:

Step 1b:

First you copy the thing that has turned orange. Let’s say it’s: How to import a gedcom file

Step 2b:

Then you go into edit mode, at the bottom of the list or at the top of the list you add this:

|How to import a gedcom file=TRANSLATION

REMEMBER to start with |  ! Or else it’ll go wrong.
You decide yourself where you place the new translation, just as long as it’s in between the text you entered in step 5.

That’s it! It’s not more complicated than this! If you have problems contact me by clicking on my username, to get my email, or ask in the forum. Dicito

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