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This is a Merge Project page.

Central Profiles

For convenience, until I merge, I (Shiri, SDH) am listing duplicates here and their managers (by initials).

  • Aharon Meshullam Zalman Horowitz HaLevi (1480 - 1545): Main Copy, RYS.
  • Clara Bat Asher: JDS, RS.

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

The Horowitz line up to the 10th century.

Project Members

Shiri Dori-Hacohen

Family Group Permissions

I (Shiri) have permissions from most managers in this area.

Naming Conventions


List of duplicate copies

  • Moshe Asher Zalman Horowitz HaLevi (1440 - 1506): Copy 1, SPM.
  • Clara Bat Asher: JDS, RS.
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