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The Home tab is your hub for family information on Geni:

  • View Family News to see what your relatives have been up to
  • Access personal messages through your Inbox
  • Participate in the family forum via the Discussion link
  • Check your family Calendar for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and events
  • Become a Geni Pro Member

The Home tab is the first page shown to returning users.

Right Column


  • Merge Issues: The number of merge issues in your Family Group and profiles you manage. Links to a list of issues so you can resolve them.
  • Requests: Received requests from other Geni users, may be merge, collaboration, family group or friend.

Complete Your Family

Use this module on the Home page to easily invite those family members to the Tree that you have not yet included.

Recently Online

These are those Family Group members and friends that have accessed the Geni site recently. The date is shown next to their name so you can see how recently they were online on Geni.

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