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English Origin

Hibbard is a surname of ancient Norman origin. It arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Hibbard is a name that comes from the Norman personal name Hildebert, which is composed of the Germanic elements hild, which meant battle or strife, and berht, which meant bright or famous. The Norman Conquerors imported a vast number of Norman French personal names into England, which largely replaced traditional Old English personal names among the upper and middle classes.

The surname emerged as a notable family name in the county of Cheshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity, seated with manor and estates in that shire. The Hibbard’s of Marples and Birtles in Cheshire claim descent from Hubert of Curzon in Calvados, a Norman noble who was granted land in Cheshire and also Nottingham. Branches of the family also extended into Derbyshire.

The Norman’s were commonly believed to be of French origin but, more accurately, they were of Viking origin. The Vikings landed in the Orkneys and Northern Scotland about the year 870 A.D., under their King Stirgud the Stout. Later, under their Earl, Thorfinn Rollo, they invaded France about 910 A.D. The French King, Charles the Simple, after Rollo laid siege to Paris, finally conceded defeat and granted Northern France to Rollo. Duke William who invaded and defeated England in 1066, was descended from the first Duke Rollo of Normandy.

Spelling Variations

Hebard, Hebbard, Hebert, Hibard, Hibberd, Hibbart, Hebberd, Hubbard, but most frequently Hibbard.

It has been generally accepted that the correct spelling of the name is HIBBARD[1][2].

Coat of Arms Motto

"Fidem rectumque colendo". Translated: "By cultivating fidelity and rectitude."

Geni.com Stats

There are thousands profiles on Geni.com with the surname HIBBARD, and as of 5/29/08 Over 10,000 of these profiles are within a single tree, most all added by tree creator Scott Hibbard)[3]


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