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This is an attempt to collect notes about the Hext family.


There are at least 4 books that give Hext pedigrees on Google Books:

A: "A view of Devonshire in MDCXXX: with a pedigree of most of its gentry" by Thomas Westcote, page 503: http://books.google.com/books?id=WJGEAAAAIAAJ&dq=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&pg=PA503#v=onepage&q=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&f=false

B: "A genealogical and heraldic History of the Commoners of Great ..., Volume 2 By John Burke", page 428: http://books.google.com/books?id=0I9AAAAAcAAJ&dq=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&pg=PA428#v=onepage&q=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&f=false

C: "A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of ..., Volume 1 By John Burke, Bernard Burke", page 567: http://books.google.com/books?id=C8fTAAAAMAAJ&dq=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&pg=PA567#v=onepage&q=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&f=false

D: "The visitations of the county of Sussex made and taken in the years 1530, Volume 53": http://books.google.com/books?id=Hy8EAAAAIAAJ&dq=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&pg=PA33#v=onepage&q=thomas%20hext%20%09Jane%20Fortescue&f=false

The last one has no preview available in Sweden, and will therefore be ignored.

B and C tell basically the same story - not strange, since they are by the same author.

Decoded family tree

B is a little confusing, because it first lists the last John, and then his ancestors starting from the most ancient. This section follows C and gives the last John at the end.

A gives only the 4 first generations, down to th John who married Philippa, but includes more children. These are marked with (only A) below. Other diffs between A and (B+C) are marked with (A: )

  • (A) John Hext, of Kingston, wedded Jane, daughter of John Fortescue
    • Son: (B) John
    • Son: Thomas
    • Daughter: Agnes, m. to Nicholas Pollard (A: Lewis Pollard)
    • Daughter: Elizabeth, to John Acland (A: Ackland)
    • Daughter: Jane, to Nicholas Holway
    • Katherine (A: Katharine)
    • Elinor (A: Eleanor)
  • (B) John Hext, of Kingston, married Jane, daughter and co-heir of Stephen Tilley, of Broad Clist, in Devonshire (A: Tillye)
    • Son: (C) John
    • Son: Thomas
    • Son: George
    • Son: Walter
    • Daughter: Elizabet, married Christopher Argentine, of Lincolnshire
    • Daughter: Jane, married to William Wigginton, of London (A: Wigenton)
    • Daughter: Maria, married to Richard Halst, of London (A: Mary, to Halse)
  • (C) John Hext, of Kingston, married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Peter Colswell (A: Colshul), of Exeter
    • Daughter: Johanna, wife of Thomas Dogget (A: Joan, m. Dagget), of Bucks
    • Son: (D) John Hext
    • Son: Stephen (A only)
    • Son: Alexander (A only)
    • Son: Martin (A only)
    • Daughter: Jane, m to John Furse of Raddon-Court (A only)
    • Daughter: Mary (A only)
  • (D) John Hext, of Kingston, who wedded Philippa, daughter of William Denham, of Wortham, in Devon
    • Son: John, of Kingston, married the daughter of Fortescue of Preston
      • Son: Richard, of Kingston, married the daughter of Trenwith of St. Ives
    • Son: William, of Constantine, in Cornwall, living in 1620
      • First wife. Jane, daughter of William Richards, of Constantine
        • Son: John (18 years in 1620)
        • Son: William (14 years in 1620)
      • Second wife. Abigail, daughter of Robert Quarne
        • Son: Thomas, born 1620
        • Daughter: Agnes
    • Son: (E) Arthur (A: Not mentioned)
    • Daughter: Elizabeth (A only)
    • Daughter: Susan (A only)
    • Daughter: Jane (A only)
  • (E) Arthur Hext, married the daughter of Merret of Trelowtha, in Cornwal
    • Son: (F) Samuel
  • (F) Samuel Hext, Esq. of Trenarren, married a lady named Jane, died 1680, buried 28 Dec 1680
    • Son: (G) Samuel
    • Son: Francis, born at trenarren in 1641, married Miss Smith of London, died in 1673
      • Son: Samuel, baptized 23 Jan 1665, died unmarried
      • Son: Francis, born 11 Jan 1666, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Thimas Waddesden, esq. of Bourtin, in Bucks
        • (H) Thomas, heir to his granduncle
        • Francis-John, of Bodmin, b. 8th Jan 1703, married daughter of Mounstervin, esq of Lancarfe, in Cornwall
          • Son: Samuel, died unmarried
          • Son: Francis-John (omitting wife & 4 children)
    • Son: Joseph, b 12 Aug 1651 at Trenarren
      • 3 sons: Joseph, John, Nathaniel
    • Son: Arthur, b 2 May 1657, died 1706, leaving a son
    • Son: Samuel
    • Daughter: Jane
    • Daughter: Prudence
    • Daughter: Grace, m. to John Maypowder
    • Daughter: Elizabeth
    • Daughter: Mary
  • (G) Samuel Hext, baptized 8 Feb 1639, m. Jane daughter of David Moyle, esq of Trerissick in Cornwall, left estate to his grandnephew
    • Son: Nathaniel, born 1666, died young
    • Daughter: Jane, deceased unmarried 1686
  • (H) Thomas Hext, born 17th May 1699, m. Gertrude, daughter of Henry Hawkins on 10 feb 1725, died 1767
    • Son: Henry, in holy orders, b. 1726
    • Son: John, bapt. 1727, died unmarried, burried Dec 13 1787
    • Son: (I) Samuel
    • Daughter: Barbara, b. Aug 11 1729, d. young 1735
  • (I) Samuel Hext, bapt 18 feb 1733, m. Margery, daughter of John Taylder, esq. of Helland, in Cornwall, she died 25 Oct 1795, he died 4 Sept 1800
    • (J) Thomas
    • Samuel, died young
    • (K) John
    • Daughter: Barbara, m. 1895 to Richard Foster, d. 1733 (?????)
    • Daughter: Jane, died young, 4 April 1772
    • Daughter: Lucy, m. to John Boger, esq of Wolsdon, Cornwall
  • (J) Thomas Hext, b. 18 March 1762, d. 29 Jan 1822, unmarried
  • (K) John Hext, esq of Trenarren - Nov 15, 1766
    • Wife: Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Staniforth
      • I: Thomas
      • II: Samuel-Henry
      • III. John-Hawkins, in holy orders
      • IV. Charles-Staniforth
      • I. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. John Daintry
      • II. Alethea
      • III. Mary
      • IV. Gertrude
      • V. Frances-Margery

John inherited the family estates on the death of his brother, 29th January, 1822.


The earliest person with a birthdate is (G) Samuel, baptized 1639.

If we assume 25-40 years generation, we get:

  • (A) John, 1400-1489
  • (B) John, 1440-1514
  • (C) John, 1480-1539
  • (D) John, 1520-1564
  • (E) Arthur, 1560-1589
  • (F) Samuel, 1600-1614
  • (G) Samuel, 1639 (verified)
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