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Geni Guide Topics: Getting Started | Settings & Privacy | Collaborating With Others | Merging Trees

Create Your Account

If you have never used Geni before, the first thing you need to do is to sign up for an account. Just go to and enter your first name, last name, email address, and gender. When you click the Start My Tree! button we'll create your account and send you an email with your temporary password. We suggest that you use the link in the email to set your own password.


Add Your Family

When you create your account the first thing you'll see is your tree with your node already filled out. Use the yellow arrows to add on to any node:

  • Up for parents
  • Side for siblings and spouses
  • Down for children

Start by adding all of the family members you know, including nieces and nephews, cousins, and in-laws. The more people you add to the tree the better chance that you'll find a connection to an existing tree. Adding birth and death dates is also highly recommended. And make sure that you add email addresses to living relatives so they can join Geni and fill in parts of the tree for you.

Upload Photos

Uploading profile photos not only improves the appearance of your tree but also makes it easier for others to identify common relatives. Each person on your tree has an 'add photo' link you can use to quickly upload a single profile photo of them. This photo will then appear on their node in the tree.


Complete Your Profile

Use the Profile tab to view your own profile. Use the Edit Profile button to add information to your profile. This will help your family members identify you and learn more about you. By default, only your relatives will be able to see your profile details.

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