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(Share Your Profiles)
(Share Your Profiles)
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You may also reference the [[Collaborators]] and [[Shared Profiles]]pages for additional information.
You may also reference the [[Collaborators]] and [[Shared Profiles]] pages for additional information.

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Share Your Profiles

You are the Manager of all of the profiles you add to your tree. This means that you control the privacy of these profiles. You can choose to Share any profiles that you think may be of interest to other Geni users outside of your close family. Sharing a profile means that anyone can search for and view the entire profile. We suggest that you share any profile beyond your close relatives. At a minimum, you should share any significant profile such as a historical figure. This will help others users related to this person find them and share research with you.

Use the Share this profile link on profiles or profile lists to share individual profiles.


You may also reference the Collaborators and Shared Profiles pages for additional information.

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