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Balloon Help

Blood Relative - Anyone you share a common ancestor with.

Claimed User - a user who has claimed their node/profile on Geni.

Edit Card

Focus Node - This is the 'Tree Owner' of the currently viewed tree.

Geni Legend

GeniTeam - A Geni employee

Hand Print - the immediate family description block that appears atop the profile page and on some of the list views (e.g., "Son of John and Mary, Brother of William").

Help Messages

Little Green Tree

My Family - This is the subset of people in your tree whose birthdays and anniversaries appear in your Calendar, whose locations appear on your Map, and whose Recent Albums you see under the Photos tab. Initially, we have defined this group as your third cousins and closer, plus their current partners, and your own partner’s first cousins and closer, plus their current partners. Coming soon, we will let you define your My Family group.

Node - AKA the person's box in the tree.


Relationship Definitions

   * Half sibling – two nodes with exactly one parent node in common.
   * Stepchild – node which has your current spouse, but not you, as a parent.
   * Stepparent – node which is current spouse of one of your parent nodes, but is not your parent. 

Relationship Pathway

Stub Profile

Tree -

   * The tree is what you see in tree view which is a subset of your family tree due to pruning.
   * The tree is your entire family tree
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