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Balloon Help

Blood Relative - Anyone you share a common ancestor with.

Claimed - "claimed" refers to anyone who comes to the site even once. (joining is the same thing as claiming.)

Edit Card

Focus Node - This is the 'Tree Owner' of the currently viewed tree. We are look for a less technical alternate for this term to use with our customers, specifically in the Legend for the tree. Some suggestions so far have been:

   * focus user
   * focus box
   * focus person
   * focus ancestor
   * focus relative
   * tree owner 

Geni Legend

GeniTeam - A Geni employee

Hand Print - the immediate family description block that appears atop the profile page and on some of the list views (e.g., "Son of John and Mary, Brother of William"). Question - does this include the 'Relationship Pathway'?

Help Messages

Little Green Tree - What we refer to internally as a 'Don King' (maybe we should formally refer to this as the pruning indicator?)

Node - AKA the person's box in the tree. This term is probably too technical for the general population of users


Relationship Definitions

   * Half sibling – two nodes with exactly one parent node in common.
   * Stepchild – node which has your current spouse, but not you, as a parent.
   * Stepparent – node which is current spouse of one of your parent nodes, but is not your parent. 

Relationship Pathway

Stub Profile

Tree - Tree currently has two meanings and may have three once tree merging is implemented. We should think of ways to differentiate these meanings:

   * The tree is what you see in tree view which is a subset of your family tree due to pruning.
   * The tree is your entire family tree i.e. everyone who shares your tree ID.
   * Post-tree merge the tree can be everyone that is connected to you on Geni. 

Tree Definitions

   * Blood Tree - the user's blood relatives
   * Blood Tree (include partners -> true) - Blood Tree plus the current partner of anyone in the Blood Tree
   * Bounded Tree - the user's blood relatives plus those relative's spouses plus each of those spouse's blood relatives and those relative's spouses.
   * Family Tree - User's Blood Tree (include partners -> true) + User's Current Partner's Blood Tree (include partners -> true).
   * Family Tree (include partners -> false) - User's Blood Tree + User's Current Partner's Blood Tree.
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