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This page is about the country of Germany specifically, and the German people in general.


Germany and Austria plus parts of Suisse and Italy are using the german Language. There are four german umlauts to be taken into account:

äÄ öÖ üÜ ß

It might be of interest that germans use " as quotes.

English is spoken to a fair extend.

Internet availability

High speed internet is widely available in Germany.

Interest in genealogy

The interest in genealogy is very high. There is for example "" which started as a 100% clone of geni

Other things to consider

Date Format

Germany uses 2 date formats.

  • Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY) - date format would be DD.MM.YY or DD. MM. YYYY
  • Year, Month, Day (YYYY or YY/MM/DD) (seldomly used) - never used
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