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Editing an existing article

To edit an existing article simply navigate to that article and click the edit tab at the top. When you are done click the "Show Preview" button to make sure your edit looks good and then click "Save Page".

Don't be afraid you are going to "ruin" the wiki, changes can be undone or corrected if you make a mistake.

Adding a new article

Here are some easy ways to add a new article to the wiki:

"Go" Method

(most articles will probably be started this way)

Type the title of your article into the search box in the top right, if it exists you can edit the page, if it does not, you will be prompted to create a page for this article. At this point it is just like editing an article but you start with a blank page.

Note: If the article exists but does not cover the same content as what you were looking for, this is called a disambiguation. For an example of a disambiguation page see: Norman

[[article]] method

(many secondary articles will be started this way)

Linking to another article on the Geni Wiki is done by placing 2 pairs of square brackets around the title of the wanted article. If that article does not exist, the link will appear in red (contrary to the standard blue link) by clicking on this red link you will be asked if you would like to create this page. At this point it is just like editing an article but you start with a blank page.

Additional information

  • This Cheat-sheet is aimed at newbies to help them learn the basic formatting rules.
  • Consult the Wikipedia's User's Guide for general information on using the wiki software.
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