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Any Geni user may become a Pro member from their Home page or by selecting Settings and 'Geni Pro Account' finally entering the required payment information or by simply clicking on the Pro Accounts Link.


A Geni Pro Member has the ability to access additional Pro feature on the site. These features include:

  • Enhanced Relationship Paths: Discover your exact relationship to any blood relative on Geni.
  • Forest GEDCOM Exports: Export your family tree and all connected trees into a single GEDCOM file (up to 100,000 total individual and family records).
  • Priority Support: Geni Pro users receive faster response from a dedicated Priority Support queue.
  • Geni Pro Badge: Identify yourself as a Geni Pro to family members and genealogists. Your Pro Badge is visible on your profile and in your family tree.

You may now also purchase Geni Pro subscriptions for other Geni users as Gifts by following this link Give a Pro Subscription.

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