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== Connected to the Big-Tree: ==
== Connected to the Big-Tree: ==
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4356184500290013418 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/337064558450006139 Michael Joseph Gerst.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001672447237 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5142851602190046596 Arthur Rexford Whittaker.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003290127466 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003289448311 Cody Forrest Register.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003089506774 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003085138694 Susan Lucas Vetter Wemett.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001376570069 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001099819005 Joe Melvin Gardner.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004079886616 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000745201054 John William Turansky.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/366033924220002742 General Lee] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/3021042 Rodney Frederick Nock.]
== NOT connected to the Big-Tree: ==
== NOT connected to the Big-Tree: ==

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Central Profiles

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

Project Members

Daniel Walton

Family Group Permissions

Naming Conventions


List of duplicate copies

Connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. General Lee managed by Michael Joseph Gerst.
  2. General Lee managed by Arthur Rexford Whittaker.
  3. General Lee managed by Cody Forrest Register.
  4. General Lee managed by Susan Lucas Vetter Wemett.
  5. General Lee managed by Joe Melvin Gardner.
  6. General Lee managed by John William Turansky.
  7. General Lee managed by Rodney Frederick Nock.

NOT connected to the Big-Tree:

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