Gardner/Cloutman/Ireson/Fry families

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This is a Merge Project page.

Central Profiles

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

Project Members

  • Terry Jackson,
  • Patricia Knowles,
  • Emma (Candy) Bridge
  • Steve Cloutman

Family Group Permissions

Naming Conventions


List of duplicate copies

Daniel Ireson, Mary Ireson(Fry), Elizabeth Gardner(Ireson), Charlotte Warner,John Gardner, Alma Gardner, William Gardner, Louie Gardner, Caroline Gardner, Ernest Gardner , Francis Gardner, Jack Gardner, James Gardner, William George Day, Steve Paul Cloutman, Diane Marilyn Strange, J Brackenridge, Robin John Cloutman, Victoria Cloutman, Frank Evans, Antonio Paulo, Christine Cloutman, Robert Cloutman, Tracey M Jones, Christine Unknown, Jaqueline Rack (Cloutman), Terence Cloutman, Peter Cloutman, Frank Evans

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