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Frantz Frantzen Flor

Geni link:

The question is: Who were his parents?

This page advances a theory that they were of English nobility: - the parents are Francis/Francisco Flor/Florentius and Elisabeth Brokesby.

The author is Bruce Rognan. A dissertation with even more fanciful theories is here:

He was born 1510-20 and died 1582-84.

Frantz was the parish priest (Norwegian: sogneprest) in Nannestad from 1556 to 1582

There's an existing article in a well-renowned journal that is NOT available online: Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift bind XXXVIII, hefte 1, Oslo 2001. side 3-4, 5-15, 16-35 Slekta Flor fra Firenze.

Frants Frantssøn Flor / Frans Italus, sokneprest i Nannestad

He is written about in "Den Norske Kirkes Geistlighet i Reformations-Århundret", published 1897 (side 54), tilgjengelig fra Google Books:

Han finnes på sine slektssider, lenken er ustabil, men er september 2012 - Nermo gives no parents.

There's a long essay about him as an "user supplied tree" på familysearch org:

Discussion at DIS Norge:

Theory here: Foreldre til Frants Frantsen : Francisco Florentius f. ca 1490 i Italia/ gift ca. 1521 med: Lucrezia f. ca 1494 Italia. ( ikke pikenavn på henne). Morens navn er utledet av at en av hans barn ble kalt Lucrezia.


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