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* Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)
* Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)

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This page is about the country of France specifically, and the French people in general.


French is the most popular language in France, although it does have many speakers of many other languages. French uses a similar alphabet to English but with a few accented letters.

Accents include:

  • l'accent aigu "é"
  • l'accent grave "è"
  • l'accent circonflexe "ê"
  • le trema "ë"
  • la cedille "ç"

Internet availability

High-speed Internet is very common in France. French sites are mostly in French.

Other things to consider

Interest in genealogy

Date Format

France like many other European countries, only uses 1 date format.

  • Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)
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