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Markup tags that are supported when posting in public threads and private messages.

Allowed markup Source Output
a <a href="URL goes here">hyperlinked text</a> hyperlinked text
blockquote <blockquote>adds a frame around text</blockquote>
adds a frame around text
br <br> The <br> tag inserts a single line break.
The <br> tag is an empty tag (means that it has no end tag - the following is wrong: <br> </br>).
code <code>Defines computer code text</code> Defines computer code text
em <em>Renders as emphasized text</em> Renders as emphasized text
strong <strong>Renders as strong emphasized text</strong> Renders as strong emphasized text
ul <ul>
<li>ordered list</li>
<li>unordered list</li>
There are two types of list
  • ordered list
  • unordered list
The <ul> tag defines an unordered list.
ol <ol>
<li>ordered list</li>
<li&>unordered list</li>
There are two types of list
  1. ordered list
  2. unordered list
The <ol> tag defines an ordered list.
li <li> </li> The <li> tag defines a list item.
The <li> tag is used in both ordered (<ol>) and unordered lists (<ul>).
img <img src=" url " /> embedding image (NB! there is a spcace between " and / )
pre <pre> </pre> The pre element defines preformatted text.
The text enclosed in the pre element usually preserves spaces and line breaks.
The text renders in a fixed-pitch font.
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