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Number of Trees and People

Your Forest page indicates how many trees are in your forest, as well as how many total people you are connected to on Geni through these trees.

Your tree includes your blood relatives up to 5,000.

The forest is defined as the trees linked to your tree by marriage. For example, up to 5,000 relatives of your aunt's husband will be in your forest.

However, if there is a tree linked by marriage to someone in your forest, those people would not be considered to be part of your forest. For example, relatives of your aunt's husband's sister's husband is connected to you but not in your forest.

The 'Connected' count does not include any duplicates, but does include people outside of your forest who aren't really part of your family in any meaningful sense. They it could include someone as distant as your aunt's husband's sister's husband's cousin's wife's husband's brother's fourth cousin's husband's aunt's sister.

Also, note that a bud (a node without any Blood Relatives) will not be included in your Forest page either.

List of Trees

Your Forest page lists every tree in your [Forest_privacy forest]. For each tree listed, you will see the name of each Tree (the partner that connects the tree to your tree or your partner's tree), who the tree is connected by marriage to (always your or your partner's blood relative), size of the tree, and the following actions:

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