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Your Family is the subset of your Tree that you want to stay in touch with. This is the group that you will share news, photo albums, and birthdays with.

View your Family group

You can view who is currently in your Family group by selecting the 'My Family' list view.

  1. Click the <a href="">My Profile</a> tab.
  2. Click the <a href="">View List</a> button.
  3. Select <a href="">My Family</a> from the drop down menu.

Add to your Family group

The easiest way to add someone to your Family group is from their profile.

  1. Use the 'Add to Family Group' button on claimed profiles to add them to your Family group.
  2. Use the 'Invite to Family group' button to send an invitation to someone outside of your default Family group.
  3. Use the 'Invite' box on an unclaimed profile to invite this person to Geni. Once they have accepted your invitation, you can then add them to your Family group if they are not in your default group.

Once you have added addition people to your Family group, you will start seeing their stories in your Family News.

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