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Your Family group consists of the relatives that you want to stay in touch with. This is the group that you will share news, photo albums, and birthdays with.

You determine who is in your Family group based on their relationship to you and your current spouse:

  • 4th cousins and closer
  • 3rd cousins and closer
  • 2nd cousins and closer
  • 1st cousins and closer
  • Immediate Family
  • (None of my/his/her blood relatives)

In addition, you can include some in-laws in your Family group: (for each of these your partner is considered the same as you)

  • In-laws out to 1st cousins - Your first cousins and closer AND the immediate family of anyone connected to them by marriage PLUS your immediate family and the first cousins and closer of anyone connected to them by marriage.
  • Immediate In-laws - Your immediate family and the immediate family of anyone connected to them by marriage.
  • (No other in-laws)

The default is your 4th cousins and closer, your current spouse's 4th cousins and closer, and your in-laws out to first cousins.

You can add or remove individuals on their profile. These people will be listed on your settings page.

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