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Examples of filling the profiles of Russian persons without nobility titles in English

Maria Trifonova, simple woman:
Maria daughter of Ivan Petrov married Alexandre Trifonov.

Title: Blank
First Name: Maria
Middle Name: Ivanovna
Last Name: Trifonova
Suffix: Blank
Birth Surname: Petrova
Display Name: Blank
Also known as: Blank

Maxim Gorky, famous writer:
Aleksei Maximovich Peshkov, Gorky is actually a pseudonym meaning "bitter".

Title: Blank
First Name: Aleksei
Middle Name: Maximovich
Last Name: Peshkov
Suffix: Blank
Birth Surname: Peshkov
Display Name: Maxim Gorky
Also known as: Aleksei Maximovich Peshkov, Maxim Gorky, Bitter

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