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Examples of filling the profiles of Russian persons with nobility titles in English

Countess Alexandra Tolstaya:
Princess Alexandra Stchetinina daughter of Prince Ivan Stchetinin married Count Andrei Tolstoi.

Title: Countess
First Name: Alexandra
Middle Name: Ivanovna
Last Name: Tolstaya
Suffix: Blank
Birth Surname: Princess Stchetinina
Display Name: Blank
Also known as: Blank

Princess Kropotkina:
Princess Kropotkina, daughter of Baron Leonhard von Steinheil married Prince Ilya Kropotkin.

Title: Princess
First Name: Sofia
Middle Name: Leonardovna
Last Name: Kropotkina
Suffix: Blank
Birth Surname: Baroness Steinheil
Display Name: Blank
Also known as: Sophie Steinheil

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