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This page is about the country of England specifically, and the English people in general.


England uses English but uses some different (from 'American English') words for certain things. For example Mum rather than Mom on invite letters.

Date Format

Most people in England currently use a Day, Month, Year notation for most things

  • DD/MM/YY

When a time as well as a date need to be given it will some times be given in what is called in England, the International format which goes Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second.


When written in English the format of the date is typically the Day Month of Year

  • 18th June 1984
  • 18th day of June 1984
  • Eighteenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1984

Regnal Years

Regnal Years are counted from the beginning of a monarch's reign. The years are counted from the day the reign started, but the day and the month are taken from the (Julian or Gregorian) calendar in force.

An example of a regnal date (is "on the twentieth day of May in the nineteenth year of our Sovereign King George the Second" which would be 20th May 1746 as George reigned from 11 June 1727

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