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This is a list of topics endorsed by Geni Forum regulars as believed to have wide appeal to the Geni userbase (or superuser base) and which forum regulars believe should be high priority. This can include "basic" features which are lacking.

Each issue is linked to at least one representative forum thread, followed by a list of forum regulars that endorse the issue as having wide appeal.

  • Automatic Merging & Duplicate Searching [1]

-randols -Aditya -od -dragonasbreath1 -shiri - Pinkle -vkroslid

  • Reducing Default E-mail notifications (to weekly) [2]

-Aditya -od -shiri - dragonasbreath1

-Aditya -Becky -jonjaques -LarryB -od -dragonasbreath1

  • Automatic Birth Order Sort [4]

-Aditya -dragonasbreath1 -tjackswaitrose -jonjaques -Chuq -shiri -LarryB -Larryg -Pinkle -od

  • Date Ranges for all Date fields [5]

-Aditya -PhiDeck -ScotHibb -LarryB -shiri -od -dragonasbreath1

  • News Stories / Notifications should be based on the relationship between the object of the event and the recipient. [6]

-Aditya -ffunch -Od -dkaleita -Pinkle

  • Revision History for Profiles [7]

-Aditya -od -jonjaques -Chuq -LarryB -shiri -Larryg -dragonasbreath1 -pinkle

  • Downloading Images with Metadata [8]

-shiri -jimHere -nengard -Aditya -Larryg -od

  • Indexing of Display Names and Nicknames for Search [9]

-Aditya -brox -LarryB -dragonasbreath1 -shiri

  • Option to disable automatic profile photo and/or use only tagged portion of the photo [10]

-shiri -brox -od -dragonasbreath1 -vkroslid

  • Documentation of Sources [11]

-dkaleita -od -jonjaques -Chuq -Aditya -LarryB -shiri -Larryg - Pinkle -dragonasbreath1

  • Medical History [12]

-dragonasbreath1 -jonjaques -shiri -od

  • Geni Facebook App [13]

-jonjaques Larryg -facebookstinks

  • Capitals and mixed case confusions [14]

-Pinkle- -dragaonsbreath1 -shiri -Aditya -vkroslid

  • View Step Children (Family) on Main Tree

-dragonasbreath1 -Aditya

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