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Disclaimer: Genealogy-wise, this is WILD SPECULATION. Proof of paternity through 25 generations, right through the middle ages, is so hard to document that it's completely foolish to attach credibility to it.

This is a page of HYPOTHESIZING - "if what we speculate is all true, is there some way we could devise a test that would confirm the hypothesis - or deny it if it is false?"


Ragnvald Mørejarl, Harald Hårfagre's henchman, is at an interesting juncture in the genealogical tree.

His father-line reaches back to Fornjot, the ancient giant of Finland.

The man Snorre claims as his son, Ganger-Rolf, called Rollo in Normadie, is a founding father of lots of European dynasties - but his descent is disputed; some claim he was a Dane. The Explicio foundation has taken on an effort to DNA-test some of his descendants.

This page looks at the other side: What possible male-line descendants do we have who were NOT descendants of Ganger-Rolf?


HistoryLink's "descendant chart" with Y-chromosome only can give us 15 generations a shot. Some samples:

Then it's just a matter of picking out the branches of the star that reach the furthest and explore them further.

A weakness of this tool is that conflicts are not shown. The lines identified need to be walked manually to check for conflicts, which may lead to different results when walking the line up from when we walk the line down. (Of course, this is only the first step in checking the trace against sources!)

Ragnvald's other sons

Brothers of Ganger-Rolf:

  • Ivar (Snorre) - no known children
  • Tore Teiande (Snorre) - 154 male descendants in the first 15 generations. All living descendants go through Eiliv Torsteinsson (985-1050).
  • Gutum (known only from Dudo of Saint-Quentin) - since he's on the "Rollo" side of documentation, not explored here.


  • Hallad - one listed son, he has no male descendants.
  • Turf-Einar - 34 male descendants, last one died around 1131 (jarls of Orkney)
  • Hrollaug - 3 sons, 1 of which is listed with a male descendant, but no 3rd generation. This may be worth exploring further - Landnamabok should have more to say about this line.

Thus it seems that according to what we now have on Geni, a living male line has to go through Tore Teiande and Eiliv Torsteinsson.

Eiliv Torsteinsson

Two of his sons have male heirs listed:

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